Weltool T10-HR Red LED Flashlight

"Devil Incarnate"

There’s a new light coming out from Weltool which has integrated color filters. While we’re thinking about that new product, here’s a reminder on the incredible red hunting flashlight by Weltool, the T10-HR!

The Weltool T10-HR is a LED flashlight, dedicated as a thrower, and with red as the color output. In true Weltool fashion, this has been given a nickname: “Devil Incarnate.”

weltool t10-hr thrower for hunting
Weltool T10-HR

It’s probably safe for us to call this one the Red Devil, too.

Green is available too, but has a different part number – T10-HG.

The T10-HR has a red wavelength of around 620nm. While the output is fairly low, at around 342 lumens, the beam distance due to the tiny emitting surface, and smooth deep reflector, allow throw to reach 450 meters!

weltool t10-hr emitter and reflector
Weltool T10-HR emitter and reflector

Weltool is known for robust products (we’ve talked about them a few times), and the T10-HR looks to follow suit with their other models. This flashlight is suitable for weapon mount, and a remote tail switch is available.

Weltool T10-HR side view
Weltool T10-HR side view

Even with the standard tailcap in place, the switch is very easily accessible even with gloves, or while weapon-mounted. There is plenty of knurling all over the body too, which will help with grip. Note that the head area is encircled with knurling.

While 342 lumens may not seem like much, the beam is nearly pencil thin, and 450 meters of throw really reaches out there. Humans perceive red differently, too, so 342 lumens of red will seem different than 342 lumens of white light.

The 620nm wavelength could also serve other purposes, too. One such purpose is red light therapy, where 620nm is within the (questionably) scientifically supported range of wavelengths as being “efficient in altering cellular functions.” source

Weltool T10-HR Red LED Flashlight
Weltool T10-HR

The Weltool T10-HR is priced at a reasonable $99, and this 18650 flashlight is available in stores now.

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