RovyVon S3 Compact EDC Flashlight Available

 feature photo
RovyVon S3 EDC Flashlight

RovyVon has dropped the S3 EDC flashlight, a feature-rich little 16340 powered light. RovyVon is a popular brand around here, and for great reason! They make solid lights.

 switch detail
Switch Detail

Among other features, this tiny flashlight has RovyVon’s standard metal-cover e-switch. That switch also has a power indicator!

Ledil Lens

The RovyVon S3 is a triple emitter flashlight. It uses a standard LEDiL Lens. Note that this isn’t the same as many other triples, which use Carclo optics. But it’s not a one-off made by RovyVon, which is a good thing.

 tail end
USB-C Charging

Not only does the S3 use a standard 16340 cell (which is included), it has onboard charging via a USB-C port in the tail.

That little ball you see above is actually a ceramic glass-breaking ball. Even with that ball in place, the S3 will tailstand.

 Glass breaker
Glass breaker
 Tripod Screw
Tripod Screw

One more feature is a pocket clip. It’s not a common clip though. Very useful for standard uses, but it also has a threaded tripod hole!

Tripod Screw
Tripod Screw

You might use that threaded hole for tripod mount, or it could be useful to throw the S3 on a handle, too.


The RovyVon S3 EDC Flashlight is a reasonable size, especially considering the many features incorporated!

Available now from RovyVon, the S3 can be had in cool white (Cree XP-G3, for higher output) or neutral white high CRI (Nichia 219c).

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