Thrunite brings out the TN42 V2, an updated TN42!

The Thrunite TN42 has been available for quite some time.  It’s even seen iterations already.  But the Thrunite TN42 V2 has a new emitter, and should be very impressive.

thrunite tn42 v2

Thrunite TN42 V2

Here’s the kicker of the Thrunite TN42 V2.  It’s all in the new emitter.  This is a Luminus SBT90.  This emitter is known for having both throw, and massive output.  It’s an interesting combination of the two.

thrunite tn42 v2 emitter

Thrunite TN42 V2 emitter

The Thrunite TN42 V2 boasts an impressive 4848 lumens and throws 1860 meters.

thrunite tn42 v2 specs

Thrunite TN42 V2 specs

Specs on the Thrunite TN42 V2 as a whole are quite impressive, too.

Thrunite TN42 V2 specs

Thrunite TN42 V2 specs

One more fairly important update from previous Thrunite TN42 flashlights is the cells – now there are four 21700 cells, instead of four 18650 cells.  This is a solid upgrade.

Thrunite TN42 V2 cells

Thrunite TN42 V2 21700×4

Not only that, these cells are user interchangeable.  But even with the cells being swappable, there is still built-in charging

Thrunite TN42 V2 charging

Thrunite TN42 V2 charging

Specifications are just a bit thin on the charging – at least one end is USB-C.  But it looks like the Thrunite TN42 V2 will do “real” C to C charging, which is a great advancement.  (It might also be a wall wart to USB-C, but again, it’s unclear, and not defined.)

The Thrunite TN42 V2 has some nice old features, too, like the carry lanyard.  This lanyard attaches to the head and tail very securely.


Thrunite TN42 V2 lanyard

Thrunite TN42 V2 lanyard

Here’s what’s included with the package.

Thrunite TN42 V2 included

Thrunite TN42 V2 included

The Thrunite TN42 V2 has always been a great light, and this edition promises to be another great iteration!

This version is available at

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