Olight Freyr: New Tactical Flashlight with Red, Green and Blue LEDs

It’s not often that Olight manages to make people do a double take but it happened today with the release of the Olight Freyr Tactical Flashlight.

Olight Freyr tactical flashlight

Olight Freyr Tactical Flashlight

The Olight Freyr tactical flashlight is built on the Olight Tactical Platform like the Olight Warrior or M2R series, yet is much more versatile than anything they’ve done previously. The versatility is achieved through the addition of Red, Green and Blue LEDs that can be controlled independently.

Olight Freyr held in a gloved hand with thumb on tail switch

What Makes the Olight Freyr Tactical

We consider it to be part of their tactical series due to it having largely the same body as the Olight M2R Pro, with the metal two stage tail switch most are familiar with. On the Olight Freyr the tail switch strictly controls the white LED, allowing instant access to low and high modes (and of course, integrated magnetic charging.

Side Switch and Charge Level Indicator

Olight Freyr side switch with illuminated charge level indicator

The side switch controls the colored LEDs , as well as allows access to all three white LED output levels. Like most Olights, the side switch is illuminated and features a colored charge level indicator.

Proximity Sensor for Safety

Olight Freyr red, gree, blue RGB LEDs and proximity sensor

The Freyr also features a proximity sensor at the 8’clock position. This is a safety feature, if the light turns on while in close proximity to a surface, the sensor can detect the amount of light being reflected back at it and will automatically lower the output, preventing fires or burnt surfaces. If the distance between the light and the surface is increased, the output is raised again.

Traffic Wand and Colored LEDs

Olight freyr depicted with the silicone traffic wand diffuser guiding traffic

The Olight Freyr ships with a silicone diffuser that can be used as a traffic wand (or to guide planes on an aircraft carrier if you’re a Landing Signal Officer). The diffuser can be store on the light in storage or when not in use, making the Freyr an ideal vehicle light. Some other applications are the Blue LED for blood tracking (hunting), Green to not spook prey (also hunting), or Red to preserve night vision (hunting, military, astronomy, a certain district in Amsterdam …)

Pocket Clip and Charging

Olight Freyr with the pocket clip, knurling and MCC3 magnetic charging cable

Unlike most of Olights tactical flashlights, the Frey comes with a two way pocket clip that can be installed for bezel up or down pocket carry. That really makes it a 4 way clip, two ways in each installation location. The integrated magnetic charging cable on the Freyr is the MCC3, same as the Warrior series, Baton etc. The spiral fins on the head are a nice touch, consistent with the fins on the Olight Maurader2


Olight Freyr output and runtime specs

Maximum output on this light is a respectable 1750 lumens on the white LED high mode and anywhere of 25 to 60 lumens on the colored LEDs. It is drop rated for 1.5 meters, IP68 and has a runtime of 15 days on the white LED moonlight level. It achieves this runtime through the 5000 mAh 21700 battery, Throw on this flashlight is also improved over similar Olight offerings, 360 meter compared to the 300m of the very similar bodied M2R Pro.

Where to Buy

The Olight Freyr is launching tomorrow 12/16 and will be on sale with 30% discount and free personalized engraving. Olight promises to have them delivered by Christmas.

Olight is also offering as part of a bundle with their green Obulb with a 40% discount, or a bundle with the i3T Ti for a 40% discount

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