Fenix Releases the long awaited HP16R

The Fenix HP16R is a rechargeable, high-performance outdoor headlamp.

fenix hp16r

This headlamp produces an astonishing 1700 lumens with a Luminus SST40 emitter.

fenix hp16r

The Fenix HP16R is usually powered by a Fenix ARB-LP3000 Li-polymer battery pack.

fenix hp16r battery

But the Fenix HP16R has a trick up its sleeve, because it’ll run on four AA cells as well!

fenix hp16r battery pack

One nice thing about the Fenix HP16R is that the battery compartment is on the back, making the distribution of weight ideal.

fenix hp16r on helmet

The battery case includes a USB Type-C charging port.

fenix hp16r usb c charging

This setup is perfect for helmet mount, and also includes helmet attachment hooks.

fenix hp16r on helmet

A dual switch interface is atop the Fenix HP16R, for controlling the main white emitter, a secondary white emitter (neutral white) and also a third emitter, which is red.

fenix hp16r dual switch
fenix hp16r dual switch

Here are some other product photos by Fenix, of the HP16R, with technical information including the impressive runtimes.

Fenix has been making some great lights lately, and the HP16R looks like no exception!

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