Flashlight News: Phreaky Briefing Issue 37

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Phreaky Briefing – Flashlight News by PhotonPhreaks

Welcome to the latest Phreaky Briefing Issue! We provide Phreaks like yourself with enjoyable and valuable flashlight news and information.  We won’t spam and will keep hawking wares to a minimum. If you aren’t into flashlight news just click here to skip to the PhotonPhreaks updates, otherwise; Let’s get on to the news!

Phreaky Briefing

High End / Custom Flashlight News

Production Flashlight News

Copper and Current produced some “finished photos” of what’s being called the Hinton. It’s an AA light with a completely custom driver! The Hinton promises to be a very special light! Seen here is the light in stainless steel, but we know Copper and Current likes brass, so we hope to see this one in brass too.

copper and current hilton aa 14500 custom flashlight
Copper and Current Custom Hinton AA/14500 Flashlight

Speaking of the completely custom driver from Copper and Current, Mike has a special request. A “big” (completely reasonable) request, to not reverse engineer something Mike has thrown every spare hour into. And not just for his work, but for all the custom works like these.

copper and current intellectua; property flashlight request screenshot
Plea from Copper and Current

Frelux has begun production on the FML2!

frelux fml2 magnetic task light production
Frelux FML2 Production

Focus Works EDC has released more images of the Cylon, a custom flashlight collaboration with Skelton Blade Works. It’s possible to sign up for details at their facebook page.

focus works edc cylon custom titainium flashlight with tritium. a collab with Skelton bladeworks
Focus Works EDC x Skeleton Bladeworks Cylon Flashlight

Focus Works EDC is considering branching the Eryx line out into EDC pry bars! This would be a neat addition, and the matching clips would look great.

focus works edc eryx prybar in green, along with a focus works pen
Focus Works EDC Eryx Prybar

Hanko Machine Works obtained some “uncommon/obscure” titanium, and finished it in a way that the Trident has never seen before. It looks like the name of this finish will be “Prism Ti” and so far has been seen on Reactors and Total Tesseracts. Below in “Reactor.”

Hanko machine Works custom flashlight in titanium with  prisim finishing in Reactor pattern
Hanko Machine Works Prism Ti Reactor

And here’s the Total Tesseract:

Hanko machine Works custom flashlight in titanium with  prisim finishing in Reactor pattern
Hanko Machine Works Prism Ti Total Tesseract

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Kyle Mattfield has continued progress on the wavien collar. Beam focusing has been the … focus…

wavien collar collimator for flashlight light
FLashlight Wavien Collar

Laulima Metal Craft has been embellishing the Hoku. Now it’s possible for this tiny little twisty flashlight to have tritium in the tail!

laulima hoku AAA custom flashlight with tritium
Laulima Hoku with Tritium

More news out of Laulima Metal Craft – they just closed the entry for a very specialized, engraved Jim Sornberger Malihini Ti edition. Not just engraved, but also special anodization treatment, it seems! What work!

laulima  x Sornberger engraved titanium  Malihini custom flashlight
Engraved Laulima Malihini in Titanium

LEO EDC Store has teased a glow in the dark flashlight, which is said to be in the works. We look forward to more details!

leo edc store glow in the dark flashlight
LEO EDC flashlight tease

Lux-RC has released an update to the firmware for 371 v2.0 and 372 v2.0 drivers. This won’t affect many users, as it “Mainly it addresses FL33 v4 behavior and improves its user interface.” But those of you lucky enough to have a FL33, be advised!

lux-rc FL33 new firmware screenshot
Lux-RC new firmware

Phongtep Supajinda teased another special custom light. This one is a 14250 cell light, and has been given special finish. Looks great! Unsure of availability and price at this time. Surprisingly, this one is a clicky!

phongtep 14250 clicky custom titanium flashlight
Phongtep new 14250 clicky light

Quadrupel is developing an E-Swith 1S Flashlight Boost Driver for 6V-12V. This is for 6V to 12V emitters, being run on a single cell. This looks to be an incredible project!!

Reylight has sourced a visible light black filter for his Pineapple UV.

reylight pineapple with uv filter
Reylight Pineapple UV with new filter

Survival Tactics has teased…. something. Some tiny rechargeable lights that screw together when needed. Or something like that

survival tactics screw rechargeable light
Survival Tactics flashlight

WJMake is producing handmade leather EDC gear, and looks to have a special emphasis on support for Lumintop FW series lights.

wwjmake leather works leather lumintop FW3A holster
WJMake leather EDC items

Yellowday Energy has released a “Boba Fett proto.” This Wreck-It gets lasered, then blasted, then double coated, hand finished, then re-lasered! Much like Boba Fett….

yellowday energy boba fett wreck it custom flashlight
Yellowday Energy Wreck it Boba Fett

One more from the Wreck-It pile – a fully custom Wreck It with very specialized CNC designs on the head and body. Also produced by Yellowday Energy.

yellowday energy  wreck it full custom
Yellowday Energy Wreck it Custom Flashlight

Leo of LM Toolworks teased a beautiful engraved light. If anyone has been following the development of the Tala and wants a one off engraved one, join the facebook group.

LM Toolworks collab custom Tala with PhotonX

The Acebeam W50 has been announced. This $2300 flashlight has active (fan) cooling, and is one of the most advanced LEP handheld flashlights we’ve seen yet. This LEP is focusable (like a zoomie) for different throw/flood levels!

acebeam w50 lep zoomy
Acebeam W50 LEP Zoomie flashlight

Astrolux MF04S is now available in brass. Possibly the biggest brass flashlight in the world.

Astrolux MF04S brass
Astrolux MF04S

Fenix now has an updated HM65R available. It’s the HM65R-T. This update has a new headband.

fenix hm65r-t headlamp
Fenix HM65R-T headlamp

Another Fenix update is the E02R, which is now available in blue!

fenix e02r keychain flashlight in blue
Fenix E02R in Blue

Fenix is also introducing a multipurpose Fenix E-Lite, designed for cap mount.

fenix e-lite multipurpose cap mounted flashlight
Fenix E-Lite

The Fenix PD32V2.0 is available now. Great for EDC, but also incorporating a momentary switch.

Fenix PD32V2.0 EDC and tactical Flashlight
Fenix PD32V2.0

Fenix has updated the TK16 – the TK16V2.0 is now available. It’s a dual switch tactical light.

Fenix Tk16V2.0 Tactical Flashlight
Fenix TK16V2.0

Lumintop EDC AA now has the optional accessory of a Turboglow bezel available in three colors. Red, green, and blue!

Lumintop EDC AA Turboglow bezel
Lumintop EDC AA Turboglow bezel

Lumintop has even more turboglow, too! This time it’s a new light, a 14500 “FW” type light. Lumintop named this the “Gift-G1.”

Lumintop gift-g1 glow
Lumintop gift-g1 glow

More Lumintop news! This time with the SD90, an incredibly featured Luminus SBT90.2 light with powerbank capability.

Lumintop SD90 flashlight with type c charging and power bank
Lumintop SD90 flashlight with powerbank capability

And here’s a better photo of the light.

Lumintop SD90 flashlight

Even more news from Lumintop! There’s a new copper keychain light available. The Pimi runs on a single 10180, and produces 100 lumens.

Lumintop PIMI
Lumintop PIMI keychain / necklace mini flashlight

Lumintop has heard the requests, and is considering (by prototyping) the GT Nano in brass and copper. Are you interested?

Lumintop brass and copper GT Nano
Lumintop brass and copper GT Nano

More brass from Lumintop – this time in GT Micro form. Just a proto for now.

Lumintop brass  GT Micro
Lumintop brass GT Micro

Lumintop is also developing a regular 18650 cell which has built-in charging! The charge port is USB-C!

Lumintop USB-C 18650
Lumintop USB-C 18650

Lumintop is also doing another un of FW3A with colored anodizing!

Lumintop FW series colors
Lumintop FW series colors

Lumintop hasn’t let go of the bunny logo everywhere! It’s still alive in Japan (on what looks to be Lumintops answer to the Sofirn LT1) Don’t tell Energizer!.

Lumintop Lantern
Lumintop bunny logo on a lantern

Olight H67 headlamp has a whopping 12,000 lumens, but not for the USA!

Olight H67 non-US market
Olight H67 headlamp non-US market

That’s no moon! Except in this case it is… Danny Wilkinson is making toppers to fit over the Olight Obulb. These look like little moons, and are available in multiple colors.

Olight Obulb moon cover
Olight Obulb moon Obulb cover

No more Olights on NealsGadgets! Neal announced that Olight has requested he remove all of their products from his store.

Streamlight has released the Wedge, a slim everyday carry flashlight in a unique and pocket friendly form factor.

Streamlight Wedge
Streamlight Wedge

Streamlight has a couple other new offerings, too. The TLR-7 SUB, a new version of the TLR-7 that is designed for Glock subcompacts

Streamlight TLR-7
Streamlight TLR-7

There are a couple other new Streamlights in the TLR RM series too – the TLR RM1 and TLR RM2 with lasers . These are rail mounted laser lighting systems.

Streamlight TLR RM1 and TLR RM2 lweapon lights with lasers
Streamlight TLR RM1 and TLR RM2 with lasers

Thrunite Has a couple of new lights. First is the Ti2 in green, which can be had for the cost of shipping!

Thrunite Ti2 Green
Thrunite Ti2 Green

Next is the Thrunite TH02, a Black Scout Survival branded red headlamp.

Thrunite TH02 BSS Headlamp
Thrunite TH02 BSS Headlamp

Vortex has introduced an interesting CR2 flashlight aimed at teachers – there’s a white emitter, but also an inset laser pointer and a flash drive the BS1!

Vortex BS1  CR2 Teacher light with laser pointer and flash drive
Vortex BS1 Teacher light with laser pointer and flashdrive

Weltool has released the 2021 product catalog. You can find it on their site here. This 67 page catalog should cover everything you want to know about Weltool!

The Wuben G1 is an unusually slim keychain light.

Wuben G1 Keychain light
Wuben G1 Keychain light


If you’re having trouble finding the right flashlight for you, check out Parametrek. It’s the most detailed flashlight search engine that I’ve found and they help make the Phreaky Briefing a reality.

What’s New with PhotonPhreaks

Enough with the flashlight news, Here’s a quick rundown of the latest happenings with PhotonPhreaks:

  • We received a ton of requests for magnets so we listened! Seems not all of you have a use for patches, you can slap these magnets on your fridge, tool chest or even lunch box!
  • Which designs did we go with? Of course it had to be Baby Phoda! Available in single or two-packs, the two pack is much more economical
  • Our r/flashlight design for the reddit peeps also made a comeback as a magnet and we have at least one more design in the works
  • For all the knife and light bros, the EDC phOwl is one our favorite designs, now available as a patch
  • The HDSRB Project production is complete (finally). If you preordered one, check your emails and spam folders, you should have received instructions to complete your order so we can get yours in the mail to you
    • If you weren’t on the preorder but want one, keep an eye out. We have a couple extra that we will make available soon. Most likely via a lotto system.
  • There are only four Flood Rings in Invisible Aqua left in stock at the time of this writing.

As always, 
Spread the Light!

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