RovyVon advances Penlights with the Aurora A33 penlight

RovyVon A33 penlight: The Aurora series by RovyVon has been quite a hit for quite some time, but these lights have always been shorty – keychain sized (ie A1x), up to good EDC lights (ie A23).

But now RovyVon has ventured firmly into the penlight category, with the Aurora A33 (previously released via the RovyVon A33 preorder)

RovyVon Aurora A33
RovyVon Aurora A33 black, Nichia 219c

Not only does this light feature RovyVon’s typical great build quality, it incorporates USB-C charging.

USB-C Charge port
RovyVon Aurora A33 USB-C Charging

While this light does have a built in battery (that is, not user replaceable), the battery inside is a 600mAh cell, promising great runtimes.

The RovyVon Aurora A33 is available in five colors:

RovyVon Aurora A33 Colors
RovyVon Aurora A33 Colors

Black, Gunmetal, Red, Dark Green, and Desert Tan.

These lights are also pleasantly not built to be high output barn burners – the max output of 200 lumens can be achieved with the Cree-XP-G3 option. Alternatively, opt for a high CRI with the available Nichia 219c (max 180 lumens).

Activation is by means of a tail switch – most likely an e-switch. The switch is big, and has reasonable access even if you’re wearing gloves.

RovyVon Aurora A33 gloves
RovyVon Aurora A33 usage while gloved

Even if you don’t need the penlight for usual penlight reasons (not a Doctor – that’s ok!), the Aurora A33 is a tough light, ideal as backup for everyday carry!

RovyVon Aurora A33 in ice

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