Olight responds to the Texas Snowstorms with Free Flashlights

The timing of the recent snowstorm in Texas and neighboring states coincided with the conclusion of Olight’s New Years celebration. As soon as they were back in office they posted an unexpected program, offering a free Olight i3T* to Olight’s customers in the affected states.

Screenshot of Olight Social media post describing which states get the free Olight obulb
From a now edited post, the details of Olight’s giveaway program

Now that the snowstorm’s free i3T program has concluded, Olight is hosting a flash sale on the Warrior Mini (originally launched in September, then ran into some issues) . Here are the details

Olight Warrior Mini Winter Flash Sale Details

  • The Black and Desert Tan Warrior Minis will be discounted 35% ($27.98 off)
  • Every Warrior Mini will come with a free Obulb (usually about $30 each) and 2 free shields
    • The Warrior Mini Shields are essentially silicone caps that slip over the tail to prevent accidental activation, and can also be used as diffusers
Olight Warrior Mini Flash Sale + Free Obulb

Warrior Mini / Obulb Flash Sale Schedule

Olight’s sale will start 09:00 am February 28th and run until 11:59 pm March 1st EST.

Direct link to sale, there is no purchase limit.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that Olight gave out free Obulbs. This was incorrect, Olight was giving out i3Ts

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