Flashlight News: Phreaky Briefing Issue 45

Welcome to the latest Phreaky Briefing Issue! We provide Phreaks like yourself with all of the latest flashlight news and information in this flashlight briefing. No more keeping track of 3 forums, 2 Facebook groups, and every manufacturer on Instagram, we do the work for you! We won’t spam and will keep hawking wares to a minimum. If you aren’t into flashlight news just click here to skip to the PhotonPhreaks updates, otherwise; Let’s get on to the news!

You may have noticed this Flashlight News Briefing is formatted differently than previous briefings. As part of our continuous effort to improve, we noticed most readers are on mobile, so we are optimizing for that. There’s also a Table of Contents that you can click to expand and help you navigate.

High End / Custom Flashlight News

CWF Custom Flashlights

CWF is now offering a milled titanium clip for their small lights. Milled flashlight clips are rarer than other types, and offer a nice accent for your fancy lights!

cwf custom flashlight mini arcadian with a milled pocket clip aaa

Focus Works EDC

Jordy is working on a Dreadnaught flashlight. Here’s the body. What an impressive and unique design.

focus works edc dreadnaught unique custom flashlight WIP titanium

Gennady Larin

More custom pocket clips are being made. Now we can see a Star Wars tribute! This clip may be the first from Gennady to add tritium slots down the main shaft.

sterling silver flashlight pocket clip mandalorian helmet star wars theme

Gift Glow EDC

Here’s the “Dwan” a titanium alloy “gyro tail” flashlight with many glow parts in the tail. This triple emitter flashlight has a tailcap that spins, so doubles as a great fidget toy!

gift glow edc dawn triple emitter flashlight with spinner gyro

We aren’t sure yet exactly what light this mcpcb will go into, but look at all these features!

Probably this light, but more details are scarce.


Customer service representative for HDS posted updated guidelines for contacting the company.

One upgrade that should end in a perfectly smooth user experience is the contacts in Rotary lights shipping from HDS now. They’ve been updated, and users should no longer hear anything during the rotation.

hds rotary flashlight upgrade improvement

Laulima Metal Works

Laulama is now offering a single color cerakote for both the Ion and Ion Slim aluminum lights. This is a great advancement from custom makers! Get these lights in practically any color you want!

laulima ion cerakoting


Product development continues on the famous Lux-RC drivers. These triple emitter drivers now go even lower on the lowest settings – 2.5mA. They remain PWM-free, too.

luxrc flashlight driver

Mr. Tube

Playing around with productions lights is a fun hobby for Phongtep. Here he’s added a large heatsink and reflector to a production headlamp!

modding a production headlamp flashlight


A new toy in the shop probably means more toys for flashlight fans. Jeff at Okluma will begin working with this yellow robot soon!

okluma custom flashlight machining robot

The aluminum and titanium Okluma DC0 have been very popular but soon there will be a new option in the mix. Bronze!

okluma DC0 flashlight in bronze

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Oveready has offered Nichia 219b lights in the past. Those seem to have been popular enough that the line is expanding!

overready nichia 219b options

TorchLAB is now offering an upgrade service to get your BOSS up to the latest switch and driver technology. Add a MOFF switch to the BOSS you already own!

torchlab boss moff switch upgrade service


Engraving master is in the process of working on a Cool Fall Spy 007 flashlight with a Medusa design. This design features inlay as well.

coolfall spy 007 engraved with gold by panja

Peng Wang

These designs are without much text, but we can note that these new items from Peng appear to be Surefire 3P tributes, in titanium.

surefire titanium flashlight

There are quite a few setups from Peng being shown, too! Not just shorties.

surefire titanium homage flashlight

Flashlight News Intermission

Alright, that was a lot of info. Before we continue with the flashlight news, take a deep breath and a bathroom break, self-care is important.

If you’re having trouble finding the right flashlight for you, check out Parametrek. It’s the most detailed flashlight search engine that I’ve found and they help make the Phreaky Briefing a reality.

Production Flashlight News


The Ryder RX is a stylish 14500-sized flashlight offering a bolt-action pocket clip as a fidget. It may be the first production light to use a Nichia 219F emitter, too!

Acebeam Rider rx 14500 aa pocket flashlight penlight


The Brinyte E18 Pheme should be available soon – possibly March 2022. The light will feature an indicating e-switch, and be a great tube format for EDC.

brinyte e18 flashlight

Brinyte also has shown the XP22 Scorpion, a dual-head weapon flashlight.

brinyte xp22 weapon light rifle mounted flashlight

Here you can see the XP22 Scorpion as well as a couple of other new items from Brynite – the A02 Apollo and HC01 headlamp.

Cloud Defensive

The new Cloud Defensive MCH is the smallest flashlight they’ve ever produced!

Cloud Defensive MCH tactical flashlight

Cloud Defensive is working on some high-lumen REIN heads. These will not be a standard offering, and won’t be offered again. Get them when you can!

Cloud Defensive REIN Heads

Related to the REIN flashlight is the new remote switch by Cloud Defensive. They’re targeting Summer 2022, but development is ongoing. The price will be “the lowest on the market.”

Cloud Defensive weapon light remote switch

Despite there being a slight change between REIN 2.0 tailcaps, Cloud Defensive is supporting their buyers with a free tailcap with the purchase of a Gen2 light head. This will keep you working!


Simon at Convoy is offering the S21A with the incredible Nichia R9080 high CRI B35AM emitter.

Convoy S21A budget 18650 flashlight high cri LED B35AM

The Convoy T4 is available and allows either two 14500 cells or two AA (1.5V) cells to be used! This is great versatility!

Convoy T4  torch

Convoy is now making an even bigger light and one that uses the new wildly popular 26800 cell size. It’s the L8 and has a single Luminus SBT90.2 emitter. The throw should be incredible!

Convoy L8 massive flashlight turbo high lumens

One more fun BIG light from Convoy is this Cree XHP70.2×3 light which has a constant current driver and does not use a FET. Also, check out the clear aluminum!

Convoy XHP70.2

Another new light from Convoy is the S21D. This is a quad emitter flashlight with a 60 degree TIR.

Convoy S21D

The M21F has a USB-C charging port, uses a Luminus SFT40 emitter or an Osram KW CULPM1.TG and runs on a single 21700 cell. It should offer great throw.

Convoy M21F with USB charging


The Fenix HP30R V2.0 is a headlamp offering great balance with two 21700 cells in the back and multiple emitters. The switch is a dial switch, too!

Fenix HP30R V2.0 headlamp 2 21700


Folomov might have been off our radar for a while, but they haven’t stopped development. Here’s their new EDC flashlight that runs on a single 14300 cell.

Folomov 14300 edc flashlight

Lumens Factory

There are a few new drop-in options from Lumens Factory. These D26-style options are triples with various output options and emitter options too!

lumens factory surefire p60 drop in


Lumintop continues to offer various style LEP flashlights. This time it’s the Thor Pro, which uses four 18650 cells and has eight emitters surrounding the LEP!

Lumintop Thor Pro LEP

The Lumintop ODL20C V2 which we’ve already reported on is now available for purchase.

Lumintop ODL20C V2

The Lumintop Frog was discussed in the last briefing, but now we have more details on the charge port. It’s much like other 10180 Lumintop lights, but has been updated to use USB-C!

Lumintop Frog charging port keychain flashlight

The Thor5 is available from Lumintop now. This titanium body small LEP flashlight boasts 1200 meters of throw! And a bunch of glow parts, too!

Lumintop thor 5 lep flashlight throw long range


We’ve talked about the Manker MK38 before, but now it’s started hitting some users, and they seem very pleased. And more newsworthy: it’s available in white.

Manker MK38 white

Modlite Systems

A new product from Modlite Systems, the Legacy Enhanced, is “a family of light heads designed to support older generations of bodies that have existed for years, with upgraded performance that people have come to know from Modlite Systems.”

modlite tactical light legacy enhanced


There’s a fancy new triple available. In fact, it’s a triple of triples – a single light with three heads, and they can all be triples! This is the Nimax ES3.

Nimax ES3 niwalker


For a bit of stress testing on the Olight Marauder X9R, Olight send a working sample to space! The light was on while the spacecraft landed, too!

Olight Marauder X9R in space

The Olight Nightour is a desk lamp-type item that can double as a charging base for your Olight Batons or Obulbs.

Olight Nightour


Just a quick bit of news about PayPal. Also, don’t forget the new rules on taxes and Goods and Services! Don’t forget all the other great payment options out there, too.


Rey’s teasing another light. This one is in 18350 format and features a number of tritium slots in the tail. No other details are available yet.

Reylight 18350

A few new pocket clip options are in the works from ReyLight as well. Here are a couple of examples. They feature tritium slots and integrated lanyard holes, too.

The Pineapple is now available in copper!

reylight pineapple copper

The ReyLight Lan is now available in copper, too!

relight lan copper


The E3 Angel Eyes by RovyVon is an interesting designed light that allows the use of an AAA cell but also has a built-in LiPo cell as well. The light has two emitters, too!

rovyvon e3 angel eyes aaa rechargeable usb


Some fantastic news out of Vapcell – high capacity 18350 cells! The F14 is rated at 1400mAh and we can’t wait to see some testing.

vapcell f14

Check out the new Vapcell T42. A capacity of 4200mAh in a 21700 cell that can output 35A is pretty great!

vapcell t42

The Vapcell P1418A is a 14500 cell with a micro-USB charging port on the positive terminal. Notable is the capacity at 1800mAh!

Vapcell P1418A usb charging 14500

Vapcell also offers the P2150A, a 21700 cell with a USB-C charging port on the head, and a capacity of 5000mAh.

P2150A vapcell 21700 with usb charging  type c


A new flashlight brand! This company is hitting the ground running with an EDC-style flashlight. It’s the ED10 and offers USB-C charging!

Vezerlezer ED10 usb charging


So far we’ve seen a bunch of teaser photos of the Wuben A1 and every single one has been impressive. This large light uses four emitters and likely will have both great throw and output. It also has a handle and in the handle is a remote – the list goes on and on!

wuben a1


Development continues on the TS32. It seems that progress needs to be made on the switch. Emitters are Samsung LH351D and a single Cree XHP50.3 HI for throw.

wukkros t32

Congratulations on completing another Phreaky Briefing! Consider yourself up to date on all the latest flashlight news!

What’s New with PhotonPhreaks

Here’s a quick rundown of the latest happenings:

  • Oversize Desk Mats and Work Mats are in stock.
  • Photon Raton patch is sold out, congrats to everyone that scored one!
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