New Flashlights: Phreaky Briefing Issue 44

Welcome to the latest Phreaky Briefing Issue! We provide Phreaks like yourself with all of the latest torch news and newest flashlights and information in this flashlight briefing. No more keeping track of 3 forums, 2 Facebook groups, and every manufacturer on Instagram, we do the work for you! We won’t spam and will keep hawking wares to a minimum. If you aren’t into flashlight news just click here to skip to the PhotonPhreaks updates, otherwise; Let’s get on to the news!

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High End / Custom New Flashlights


Instagram user Beard_n_Bones has customized a Lumintop Copper Prince. It’s being called the Minotaur flashlight, and the level of detail is amazing.

Lumintop copper Prince 18650 flashlight with heavy modifications

Bracen Wade Frost

A user on Facebook has created a special switch for Convoy S2+ flashlights. These feature a single tritium slot, and are available for purchase now!

Convoy s2 with tritium tail switch trit

Brat Guy Enterprises

We’re pleased to pass along the news that Mickey of Brat Guy Enterprises has picked up a mass of old Mr. Bulk parts. Enough to build out 25 or so flashlights. This is great news, and it’s great to know these Mr. Bulk flashlights can see life with new emitters!

Mr bulk flashlight parts

Cloud Defensive

Cloud Defensive is bringing back the Moonshine sale! These are mix-and-match parts, but still fully functional flaslhights.

Cloud defensive weapon light moonshine sale

Cloud Defensive is also still producing FDE Reins! These are looking great.

cloud defensive fde reign rifle light

Copper and Current

The first edition Hinton flashlight, which features a custom driver hand-made by Copper and Current was stainless steel. It has now been prototyped in titanium!

Copper and Current Hinton AA flashlight in titanium being produced by Focus Works

Speaking of the Hinton, final confirmation emails were sent weeks ago. We look forward to these lights getting into the hands of their owners soon!

Cool Fall

There’s been a bit of an update from David of Cool Fall. That includes a price increase, as well as a rebranding of one product.

Cool Fall custom high end luxury flashlight company update


A user going by simply “Custom_Flashlight” on Instagram has teased more progress on a flashlight we’ve covered here before. In development now is this toggle switch. More details are available on the Instagram post.

Focus Works EDC

Jordy at Focus Works EDC has released a flashlight called the F2. It’s a 14500 cell flashlight that features a single emitter and a TIR optic. Already available in aluminum and titanium too! As a PhotonPhreaks Exclusive Scoop, keep an eye out for news on this light, there are anodized aluminum versions coming, including a reall cool custom OD Grenen color.

Focus Works F1 AA 14500 titanium aluminum custom pocket flashlight

Hanko Machine Works

Hanko Machine Works “Sign up sales” don’t typically rate as newsworthy (they happen weekly!) but this one is a rare gem. Recently available in the weekly lottery was a single Titanium Damascus Twist Trident with Kirinite inlay. This unicorn metal was handled amazingly by Jeff Hanko, and has already found a forever home!

Hanko machine works custom flashlight in timascus with inlay

HDS Systems EDC

Dan Thor of HDS Systems EDC updated HDS’ guidelines for the best way to contact them. Dan “will no longer be responding to PM’s for updates.” There are two places for updates: The HDS facebook group and CandlePowerForums.

HDS Systems customer service

JC Customs

The popular and stylish Hydra by JC Customs has been cerakoted with three incredible finishes. The Hydra is a 14500 light with a tail clicky.

JC Customs Hydra AA / 14500 sized flashlight in a variety of colors

Joshua Byrd

This is really a Laulima Metal Craft item, but Joshua Byrd took the initiative to obtain a MOFF switch from Oveready, a LuxRC 371 engine and put this all in the Malihini. This is truly a one-of-a-kind flashlight.

laulima flashlight customized with a lux rc driver and moff switch

Kemenes Custom Flaslhights

Gyorgy has released a new light! This is the TiHany, and runs a single 14500 cell. Also available is the TiHany with the driver made by Copper And Current, which will also accept an AA cell. Here’s a descriptive video.

Kemenes Tihany flashlight

Gyorgy developed every part that’s used in this light (or nearly so!). Here’s a sketch of the head, including a split view render showing the reflector. Very impressive.

Tihany flashlight renders and design engineering

Laulima Metal Craft

Joshua Dawson has teased some lights in copper that we’re excited about – it’s a new 14500 flashlight called the “Ion Slim.” Looks great so far!

Laulima Ion Slim pocket flashlight AA 14500

More Ion Slim progress. We’ll end at a final product soon!

Laulima Ion Slim flashlight comparison

Here you can see the Ion Slim parts breakdown. This includes the reflector and single emitter, too.

Laulima Ion Slim disassembled

A non-Ion-Slim update from Laulima Metal Craft. The tiny Hoku has been cerakoted with three options: Northern Lights, Sniper Grey, Tungsten

Laulima Hoku cerakoted

LM Toolworks x PhotonX

Along with PhotonX /PhotonPhreaks, the Tala has been in development for a little while. Leo has produced a second Grand Tala in brass and timascus with abalone inlay. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind gorgeous flashlight.

While Leo makes the Grand Talas completely by hand, PhotonX (PhotonPhreaks‘ sister company focused on the design, development and production of flashlights and accessories) is developing a production CNC made Tala that is nearing completion. .

PhotonX PhotonPhreaks LM Toolworks Grand tala in brass with abalone shell and timascus


A teaser from LuxRc with a beamshot.

Lux RC T12 Beamshot

Serge has put a new emitter on the fabled 371 V2.0 driver. It’s a Cree XP-P, and the tiny emitter size coupled with LuxRC’s T11 narrow optic should allow great throw!

Lux RC using the CREE XPP

More information on the leather pouch we reported on by LuxRC. It’s now available! At least 6 were made, and they all feature a different look.

Lux RC FL-33 leather holsters for flashlights

Some incredible news for LuxRC fans. There’s a new optic available directly from LuxRC, and it has a couple of nice features. First, it’s narrower, for better throw. Secondly, it has glow bits!!

LuxRC T12 optics

Here’s a bit more detail about the T12. Two choices are available – T12 Glow or T12 Carbon. Looks like Serge went with a mix of both.

T12 optic, alternative to carclo

A great update from Serge about soldering on the LuxRC boards. Soldering is no longer needed because the female connectors have been revised.

LuxRC Flashlight driver board with updated connectors

Mirage Man Customs

It’s been a while since we saw Mirage Man, but he’s back and active on facebook!. Here’s a sneak peek of his new host!

Mirage Man flashlight host

More parts by Mirage Man, coupled with an Oveready 18350 body. This head and tail are easily recognizable as Mirage Man parts!

Mirage Man oveready custom flashlight triple


This is a bit of old news, but way back in September, Don McGizmo reported such a lack of part availability that one of the engines (HIVE) for McGizmo lights was put on hold!

Micgizmo HIVE driver shortage

Menton Boss

Menton Boss made his first flashlight not long ago. Just a prototype at that time. But he hasn’t stalled. Now there’s a Menton Boss flashlight made of Superconductor material!

Meton Boss superconductor pocket flashlight

Mr. Tube

There’s a new light available by Mr. Tube (Phongtep Supajinda). Apparently just made as a fun project, it looks great in this brass finish!

Mr Tube one off custom flashlight


Jeff continues to work on the DC0 flashlights and has shown off a timascus version.

Okluma DC0 in Timascus / mokuti

More news about the DC0. Now we can look forward to a bronze run. Jeff already has the bar stock!

Okluma DC0 bronze rod stock

Jeff continues to push the envelope on both customer service and product development. The DC0 has seen many revisions, and Jeff decided to just make a list! It’s very impressive.

Okluma DC0 developments


Long ago there was an “original” engraved Hanko Trident. Panja has taken the time to engrave another one, and wow does it look incredible. It was made for the owner, so is not available for sale.

Panja hand engraved custom flashlight

Reaver Arms

Jesse Hayes of Reaver Arms produces one of the most unique flashlights available today. Now he’s teasing a new knife! Details are bit thin at this point, but here’s the great blade shape.

Reaver Arms Kickflip knife

A little bit more news from Reaver Arms. Jesse teased us with another metal shot. This one is probably for the knife mentioned above, but would look amazing in his Citadel flashlight too!

timascus for the reaver arms knife

Richard John Hipwell

Richard has made tiny lights before, but not for a while. He dipped his toe back in the water with this 1 of 1 bullet-shaped coin-cell flashlight. Unfortunately, it’s not for sale.

custom tiny flashlight with mokume

More handiwork from Richard John Hipwell – here are some parts for the Frelux Synergy2. “Accent buttons” but they seem like so much more! Each has multiple slots for tritium. It’s fantastic work.

frelux synergy aftermarket parts with trit grooves

Sinner Customs

While these Sinner Customs flashlights are out of stock on UrbanEDCSupply, take note of the new clip being used on these lights! This style has been popular before, and that’s because it’s great! For example, Okluma has had great success with this style clip.

Sinner Customs new pocket clip

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Sky Lumen

If you need All Of The Output, consider these Cree XHP50.2 boards by Sky Lumen. These have 7 emitters per board, and two (for 14 emitters) can be put in a light like the Emisar DT8. Running these at the full output would be blindingly fun!

skylumen flashlight led boards

There’s a one-off by Sky Lumen of the FW1A. This has been modified to have a thicker copper mcpcb and a single Luminus SBT90.2 emitter for massive output.

modified lumentop skylumen FW21

Tim Johnson

We’ve reported on Tim’s work with some LuxRC products before, but now Tim has added a switch! What a clever (and beastly) cap-light!

Lux RC headlamp modification

Tek Lights

With winter comes shop time, and Tek Lights will likely be putting work into their very robust EDC Twisty. Looks great so far!

Tek Lights EDC Twisty

Tom Harlow

Regular flashlight magician Tom Harlow has had a triple emitter mcpcb designed, and filled it with the magical Nichia 219b emitters – a mix of CCTs, too! We like where this is going.

Tom Harlow 219b flashlight led mcpcb board

A bit of good clean fun from Tom Harlow is this MCPCB hat. It covers the wires that come up from the driver and serves simply to give a cleaner look when your flashlight fan friends look down into your optic.

Harlow pcb wire covers for triple flashlights

Here’s a bonus shot of that mini-hat PCB thanks to Andy Zhu. You can’t deny it really cleans up the look!

Harlow pcb wire covers for triple flashlights
Pic Credit: Andy Zhu

Wenbo Luo

Project Cosmic Cat. This is a flashlight made especially as a Christmas present for that special someone and displays quite a level of effort that must be appreciated. This light started as a Lumintop FW3T.

customized lumintop fw3t

Flashlight News Intermission

Alright, that was a lot of info. Before we continue with the flashlight news, take a deep breath and a bathroom break, self-care is important.

If you’re having trouble finding the right flashlight for you, check out Parametrek. It’s the most detailed flashlight search engine that I’ve found and they help make the Phreaky Briefing a reality.

New Flashlights; Production

Acebeam: New Torch

The Acebeam X50 was a “ZeroAir” favorite (review of the Acebeam X50), but now Acebeam has one-upped the 5000K version. Now available is a GT-FC40 version, which has high CRI, and a 4500K output. There is no doubt that this light will be fantastic.

Acebeam X50 High CRI monster light can light

The Acebeam P15 EDC Tactical flashlight has been available for a little while (and ZeroAir has been busy reviewing it). This is a novel tactical light with multiple (many!) attachments, and a unique interface. It’s even available in orange!

Acebeam P15 EDC Tactical flashlight orange

Acebeam stepped up the limited edition game a bit more for the P15, though. Available were three limited editions, including white, light gray, and gray. These are great-looking tactical flashlights!

Acebeam P15 limited editions


The Astrolux A03 is a small single-emitter flashlight that can run both AA and 14500 cells. it’s available in these nice colorways, too!

Astrolux a03 14500 flashlight

Brinyte; New Flashlights

The Brinyte HL16 is a 16340 cell flashlight that has a head that can go from being a forward light to a right angle light! It’s a clever design. ZeroAir has tested the Brinyte HL16.

brynite hl16 headlamp angle light torch

The Brinyte HL28 has been announced and looks to be a finished product. Maybe quirky, but looks to have a replaceable 18650 cell, which is great!

brinyte hl28 headlamp torch

Brinyte has announced the A01 Apollo, a “four-color signal light.” We don’t have a ton of details, but it looks like a good camping light!

brinyte a01 apollo signal light lantern


The Convoy 4X18A has been a popular light. Its lifetime has stretched too, because of many emitter options. Now we have many body colors, too! Have a look at blue, orange, and red. ZeroAir has reviewed (and liked!) the Convoy 4X18A.

Convoy 4X18A  in many colors monster flashlight

Convoy is now offering the updated driver for AA/14500 cell flashlights that are perfect for the Convoy T2. This driver is important because it can use both 1.5V cells as well as the lithium-ion 4.2V.

Convoy AA/14500 driver for t12 and other lights dual chemistry

The Convoy H2 is a new headlamp that is going to feature charging right in the head! This is a nice update to the Convoy H1 headlamp which we’ve already seen.

convoy H2 headlamp with integrated charging

While these lights are essentially rebranded Lumintop products, they make some notable changes. The knurling that’s been added here really increases the usability on these lights! This is the Compact Tri Flood 14500 LED Flashlight.

countycomm Compact Tri Flood 14500 LED Flashlight

Another Lumintop rebranded but with these same few changes – the Pro Tri Flood 21700 Kit LED again has added knurling exactly where you’d want it.

countycomm Pro Tri Flood 21700 Kit LED


Fenix congratulates ultra runner Jiaju Zhao for winning the Inthanon 6 UTMB race! He did it while wearing the Fenix HM65R-T. ZeroAir has tested the Fenix HM65R-T.

 Fenix HM65R-T. worn by ultra runner Jiaju Zhao  winning the Inthanon 6 UTMB race

Fenix has introduced another anniversary light. This is the Fenix Apex20, a titanium alloy keychain flashlight, with two emitters and a very fancy body!

Fenix Apex 20 limited edition flat light


The Fitorch EC30 is available now. This light boasts USB-C charging, runs a single 21700 cell, and has one Cree XHP50.2 emitter. It should fit nicely into some larger EDC categories.

Fittorch EC30 flashlight


Producer of exceptionally high output flashlights, Imalent has now released a handheld version nearly small enough for EDC! The Imalent MS08 uses eight (8) Cree XHP70.2 emitters and has a shroud with a built-in fan to keep your hands cool during use.

Imalent MS08 with active cooling computer fan flashlight thermal regulation


The new JETBeam tactical flashlight has an aggressive grip and an aggressive bezel! Other details are scarce, though.

New Jetbeam tactical light

Lumens Factory

Never one to shy away from new products for old flashlights, Lumens Factory has released the Surefire Z58, Z59 Silicone Tailcap Boot Set. These are simply switch covers, but are importantly available in four colors!

Lumens Factory Surefire tailcaps and switch covers


Lumintop now has a bunch of 14500 cell flashlights on the market. It makes sense for them to have a 14500 cell on the market too, and now they do! This one has USB-C charging, too!

lumintop usb c 14500 battery

The Lumintop LEP+8 is a multi-cell flashlight featuring both a LEP (centeR) and ring of eight Cree emitters (various options). This may be the first LEP mixed light!

Lumintop lep+8

Reviews are already starting to drop on this very small LEP flashlight, but here’s the Lumintop Ant Man! It’s an LEP that uses one 14500 cell and has just one output level There is no smaller LEP available but reviews seem to be mixed!

Lumintop lep Thor 1 mini lep thrower flashlight

The Lumintop ODL20C V2.0 will have Anduril and feature USB-C charging. This is a nice update to the original ODL20C!

Lumintop ODL20C V2.0 with USB C charging and andruil UI

The FWAA is available in a titanium/copper combo. This is just exactly how fancy flashlights should be. (ZeroAir also tested a Lumintop FWAA TiCU, and it’s his favorite of the FWAA series!)

FWAA Ti in copper and titanium by lumintop

We reported on the Lumintop Thor III a while back, but now it’s available! And looking quite more finished than the previous iteration. This should throw very far.

lumintop thor III LEP thrower long range flashlight laser

You need more Thors? You need more Thors. Here’s the Thor 5, a titanium LEP that can throw over 1200 meters!

lep thor 5 thrower flashlight with lots of glow in the dark

The Lumintop Frog is a GT Nano variant. It has a single emitter (Luminus SST-20) and runs either a 10180 or 10440. Quite the neat little thing.

lumintop frog GT nano variant mini flashlight

Magicshine: New Flashlight

There’s a new Magicshine flashlight on the market! The name looks to be “Ray 2600” and it’s a bike light. More than just a bike light though – it can also serve as a powerbank!

magicshine ray 2600 bike light


The Manker MC13 has been available in only aluminum. Well, that changes now, with the release of this MC13 in full copper, sporting a Luminus SFT40 emitter. This would be a great addition to the famed muscle combo! ZeroAir loved his Manker MC13, and the Manker E14 III made a great combo. Maybe we can hope to see an E14 III in full copper, too!

manker mc13 in copper with a luminus sft40


Mecarmy posteda picture of a fairly innovative tiny flashlight!

mecarmy tiny button flashlight mini


Nextorch may not be known for making LEP flashlights, but now they can be! The Nextorch T20L is available now, runs on a single 21700 cell, and can throw an amazing 2000 meters!

nextorch t20l lep 21700 battery

Olight; New Flashlights

The new Archer by Olight is their “newest and least expensive thrower!” It sports an unusual anti-roll shape, and is good for 535 meters of output!

Olight Archer throw light

The Olight Ostation was a popular powerbank style piece of equipment, but out of the gate was priced higher than other “very similar” (read: identical) items. Olight took the initiative to make that right with consumers!


Our congratulations to Rey Ye of ReyLight on his recent marriage!

rey Ye of reylight wedding

Rey is considering making a Twisty Mini! What do you think?

reylight twisty mini

Rey has been working on many things lately! Here you can see an updated Ti LAN, or maybe a new model called “Leaf” (we’ll see). Whatever the name, the renders look very stunning. Polished, and tritium slots! Fantastic!!

reylight ti lan updated

More news about these 14500 cell lights – after years of testing, Rey has a finished AA/14500 driver!

reylight aa/14500 driver

Another variation of these small lights by ReyLight. Here’s a “naked” Pineapple Mini.

reylight pineapple mini naked (smooth bodied)


The RovyVon A3 has seen an update! Now available is the A3 Pro, which has a 6500K and 5000K option, and can be had in two body colors: black and desert tan.

rovyvon a3 pro keychain flashlight  in desert tan


Sofirn has been popular for the LT1 lantern, but now there’s an even smaller option! The LT1S apparently runs on magic – we can’t even see where the cell goes!

Sofirn LT1 S a mini campling lantern based on the LT1

Two Sun

We’ve seen a few lights from knifemaker Two Sun in the past. It looks like the TS-LED04 is a new model though. Very interesting design here.

twosun TS-LED04 flashlight


The Vapcell U2 is a simple two-bay charger suitable even for protected 21700 cells. This is important because those cells are long, and don’t fit in many bay-style chargers.

Vapcell U2 charger for 21700

Vapcell has introduced the G62, a 6200mAh IFR cell with the dimensions of 32mm x 70mm. It’s not a small cell; maybe we’ll see some lights using this cell soon!

vapcell g62 ifr 32700

In other cell news from Vapcell, the P2150A will have a charging port on the positive end. It’s USB-C and can accept fast charging!

P2150A vapcel 21700l battery with usb c

Mooch tests the F34 by Vapcell, and deems it a worthy replacement for the F35 (which is now out of stock.)

mooch battery test vapcell f34

More Mooch testing on Vapcell cells – this time the K15. The K15 is an odd size at 18500, but there are some great lights that use this cell! The K15 should be a great choice.

mooch battery testing k15 18500 by vapcell

Vapcell has teased some new packaging, and also possibly some AA cells – the V28.

vapcell v28 rechargeable aa batteries


There’s a new lighted tailcap for Surefire E-series/Scoutlight bodies! This item by Weltool glows red when the light is off and stops any output when the flashlight is on. This is a fancy little addition to the Surefire ecosystem!

weltool e series tail switch for surefire scout / eseries with red lighted tailcap


The Wuben E62 is a new penlight that has many accessory features. Those include a scalpel blade and a glass breaker, among other things! This little penlight charges via micro-USB.

wuben e62 penlight with pen knife


The TS21 is now available in grey and sand colors! ZeroAir tested the Wurkkos TS21 earlier, and it tests very well.

wukkros ts21 flashlight

The Wurkkos TS32 is another big output light from Wurkkos. It will have dual e-switch control, and most likely will also offer throw and flood.

wukkros barn burner ts32 big flashlight

One more teaser from Wurkkos – this time in the form of a tiny right-angle dual emitter flashlight. This little light is called the Wurkkos HD15.

wukkros hd15 task light headlamp

More novelty from Wurkkos, but novelty is great! This is a nightlight that has a sensor and is powered by USB. Quite an interesting light!

wukkros nightlight

More new colors from Wurkkos. This looks to be various models, but the colors include some splatter patterns, solid red, and even a camo. Very nice looking finishes.

wukkros colored lights


XTAR usually makes great chargers, and the VC4SL Charger looks to fit right in. This four-bay charger works with cells as long as 21700, which is important for many flashlights today!

XTAR VC4L battery charger

Congratulations on completing another Phreaky Briefing! Consider yourself up to date on all the latest flashlight news!

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