Acebeam Releases 4000K Version of the T36

Acebeam is selling through a customized 4000K version of the T36 compact rechargeable tactical flashlight.

acebeam t36 feature photo

Acebeam T36 feature photo

This updated Acebeam T36 has a dual switch interface – mechanical clicky on the tail for very tactical operation, and an e-switch on the head for mode changes.  

acebeam t36 switches

Acebeam T36 switches

In the most important update to the T36, it’s equipped with a Cree XHP35 HI – and in the case of the specialized edition, that is a 4000K version.  (Standard is a cooler temperature.)

acebeam t36 emitter

Acebeam T36 Emitter

Multiple output options are covered, from around 15 lumens, to over 2000 lumens.  And the mechanical tail switch is “over all” – clicking it will reliably get the highest possible output, no matter what mode you were already in!

acebeam t36 outputs

Acebeam T36 outputs

The package purchase from will include the proper cell for this light: a 21700.  Acebeam has great cells, and this one is no exception: 5100mAh, and otherwise standard button top.

Acebeam T36 battery

Acebeam T36 21700 cell


Since the cell is not customized, the on-board charging (which is USB-C) should charge any 21700 that will also work in the light (maybe just button tops, but probably also flat top 21700 cells).  Charging has a LED indicator, which is just near the switch.  USB-C charging is a great choice for this light.

Acebeam T36 charging

Acebeam T36 USB-C Charging

Included with the light is a “strike bezel” which is actually reversible (strike on one side, smooth on the other) and also removable.  Even with the dual switches, and removable bezels, and USB-C charging, the T36 is waterproof to 5 meters!

Acebeam T36 waterproofness

Acebeam T36 5m waterproofness

The tactical tail switch, tactical ring, strike bezel and overall output, not to mention the incredible beam profile of the Acebeam T36 make it an ideal EDC tactical duty flashlight!

Photo credit to Acebeam, and here are a couple more:

The 4000K Acebeam T36 is available now at

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