Olight Black Friday New Product Drop; Warrior Mini Ti Seasons, Perun 2, Odin Mini, Marauder 2, i5 UV and more!

Olight Black Friday Sale 2020

Whew! Olight just announced a host of new flashlights for Black Friday. Deep breath, here we go:

New Olight EDC Lights for Black Friday

Olight Warrior Mini Limited Edition Seasons and Eternal (titanium and copper)

The Olight Warrior Mini was released in September, we covered it here. Now for Black Friday Olight is dropping the Olight Warrior Mini limited edition in titanium and copper. They did something similar in previous years with other models. They call it “seasonal” and they release four different LE lights in different materials and finishes, one for each season. This time there are four limited edition Titanium Warrior Minis, one for each season, and an “Eternal” limited edition in copper.

Olight Warrior Mini tactical and EDC flashlight limited editions in copper and titanium. Seasons and eternal

The three coated Warrior Minis in titanium are limited to 4,000 pieces each. The Winter edition (blasted titanium) is limited to 8,000 pieces and the copper (Eternal) has 9,000 pieces.

Olight i5T EOS Camo

Olight is introducing two new versions of their i5T EOS. They recently released the limited edition i5T Ti during a flash sale, that drop sold out in minutes. Now Olight is releasing the same light with a camo anodized finish, the Olight i5T EOS Camo.

Olight i5T camo limited edition

Olight i5 UV

The Olight i5 EOS UV is also being released during their Black Friday promotion. It’s a single mode 365nm Ultraviolet (UV) EDC flashlight, featuring blue anodization with a pink splatter over it. Given the current pandemic it’s worth nothing that 365nm will not disinfect or sterilize surfaces, but it is useful for curing UV adhesive and detecting urine amongst other stuff.

Olight i5 UV EOS. Ultraviolet edc AA flashlight

Olight Perun 2 Angle Light / Headlamp

The original Olight right angle headlamp was the Nova series, a series that was discontinued over a trademark issue. Reintroduced with new features as the Olight Perun, it’s been wildly successful and now features 3 different models in their lineup. The model being released this year for Black Friday is the Olight Perun 2, the 21700 version. Available in black and a limited edition orange, the Perun 2 features 2,500 lumens and comes with a headstrap, pocket clip, and integrated magnet.

Olight Perun 2 right angle headlamp 21700 battery black and orange

Olight Throwers and Flooders

Olight Maurader 2

Next up is the Olight Maurader 2, a redesign and upgrade to the X9R Maurader. The Maurader 2 features two different beam patterns (flood and spot) with a max of 14,000 lumens and 800 meters of throw.

Olight Marauder 2 soda can flashlight

The UI on this is fascinating, there’s a side mounted switch to turn the light on and off, but the whole switch rotates to control the brightness

Olight Marauder 2 flashlight UI Interface

There’s also LED indicators to indicate output level and battery status, as well as a toggle switch to toggle between the spot or flood LEDs. It is being released in two colors, a standard black finish and a limited edition blue. Personally I love the design, Olight, if you’re reading this, please send me one ?

Olight Javelot Turbo

The Olight Javelot and then the Javelot Pro has always been their flagship long distance thrower for Search and Rescue (SAR) and similar uses, this year Olight is upgrading it to the Olight Javelot Turbo. Throw has been increased to 1,300 meters and the runtime got a significant bump due to the 2 x 21700 batteries. Available in black or limited edition desert tan, the Javelot Turbo features a new tail cap design that’s compatible with their remote switch intended for weapon lights

Olight Javelot Turbo in black and desert tan. SAR long distance throw flashlight

Olight Weapon Mounted Lights Black Friday Drop

Olight is introducing a couple of new weapon lights for Black Friday.

Olight Odin Mini

First up we have a smaller take on the Olight Odin. The original Olight Odin is a Weapon Mounted Light (WML) designed for rifles featuring an integrated weapon mount and remote switch. The Olight Odin Mini preserves those features, with an integrated M-Lock mount (picatinny rail adapter included) and remote switch, but shrunk down to 18500 sized. Perfect for those AR “pistols” and SBRs.. The Olight Odin Mini will be available in black, desert tan or gunmetal grey.

Olight Odin Mini weapon mounted light with remote switch and magnetic charging

Olight Baldr IR

Based on the Olight Baldr RL, Olight is answering requests they’ve received for use with Night Vision Goggles (NVG) and releasing the Olight Baldr IR (infrared) pistol light. It’s basically the Olight Baldr Pro with an IR module slapped on it instead of a laser, nothing more needs to be said.

Olight Baldr IR Infrared weapon mounted pistol light

Free Olight Stuff!

Any order placed during the Black Friday sale will come with a free i1R2 EOS keychain light in a random color (the purple edition is new for black friday 2020)

Olight i1R2 EOS keychain light

Olight also loves to offer some free tiers for their promotional flash sales, this is what they’re planning for Black Friday 2020

If you spend over:

$129 get a FREE i3T BK (MAP: $19.95) 

$199 get a FREE O Pen 2 Gunmetal Grey (MAP: $59.95) 

$299 get a FREE Seeker 2 (MAP: $109.95) 

$399 get a FREE Seeker 2 Pro MG (MAP: $149.95) 

$599 get a FREE Javelot Pro Black(MAP: $199.95) 

$999 get a FREE Marauder 2 Black(MAP: $329.95)

Olight Black friday sale bundle deals

In addition these free tiers, Olight is also offering a huge variety of bundled discounts, you can see them all here

The Olight Black Friday 2020 sale starts at 8:00 PM November 25th and will go until 11:59 PM November 30th EST,  

VIP customers (Silver and above) will have the early access from November 20th EST.

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