Sofirn (re)releases the SP35 LED Flashlights

A while back, Sofirn LED Flashlights had a can style light called the SP35.

That light went out of production, but Sofirn has reintroduced the name on a tube style light. Meet the new Sofirn SP35 led flashlight:

Sofirn SP35 tactical flashlight

There’s a bunch of stuff to like here. First, the Sofirn SP35 uses a single 21700 cell (which can be included with your purchase). With a working voltage of 2.6V-6.5V, it’ll also accommodate CR123x2 as well.

At a length of just 126mm, it’s only 8mm or so longer than the Convoy S2+. So fairly reasonable in size.

Next is the side switch. There’s no tailswitch adding length, and the side switch not only has an indicating function, but also will not have a squishy rubber cover – it’ll be hard (metal or plastic).

The emitter being used in this new SP35 is a Luminus SST40. A color temperature isn’t stated, but Sofirn has been responsive to the community in the past, and we can hope for a neutral white emitter, even if cool white is offered first. Also the SST40 emitter should provide quite good throw.

Unfortunately the one image above is all we have to go on for now, but it’s already possible to buy the Sofirn SP35 now! The price is a reasonable $30 without a cell. You can add a cell for just $4 more, so that’s a smart option.

The Sofirn SP35 is available on amazon or aliexpress now.

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