Nitecore TIKI brings some competition to RovyVon’s Aurora series.

RovyVon Aurora series lights have some competition from Nitecore.  Nitecore has announced the TIKI and TIKI LE.

These lights are plastic body, metal bezel, side e-switch lights, in a very small keychain format.  The main emitter in both is an Osram P8.

The battery is built in and rechargeable via a micro-USB port on the tail end of both TIKI’s.

The TIKI is really tiny:

Both TIKI and TIKI LE offer side lights, which shine through the body.

From what we can read on the product pages it seems that these two lights are the same except for two things: bezel material and secondary emitters.

The TIKI has a stainless steel bezel, while the TIKI LE has an aluminum alloy bezel.

And the secondary emitters:

  • TIKI Auxiliary lights: CRI≥90 LED and 500mW UV LED
  • TIKI LE Auxiliary lights: Red and Blue LED

The built-in battery is claimed as 130mAh, and does not appear to be user replaceable.

Specs aside from the secondary emitters, are the same for the TIKI and the TIKI LE.

Both the TIKI and the TIKI LE are available for pre-order right now, with an expected ship date of December 12, 2019.  They may be preordered at – either variant is $19.95.

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