Armytek Zippy Keychain light shipping now.

Armytek has released a keychain in the vein of the Nitecore Tube lights.  The clever little light boasts 200 lumens, and is available in 4 colors: Blue, Green, Grey, and Yellow.

There aren’t just a lot of details around about this light just yet.

What we do know can mostly be readily seen on the light in the pictures above.  There’s a built in lipo cell, of 100mAh.  The runtimes won’t be massive.  Also since there’s a built in lipo, there’s on-board charging.  In this case, it’s micro-USB.  And finally, the switch is a big rubber covered e-switch near the middle of the body.  The switch should be very nice.

The Zippy sells for a reasonable $12, and would likely make great stocking stuffers!


Info for the Zippy was obtained here:

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