Acebeam releases the TK17

Acebeam has been on a roll with triple emitter lights lately.  The TK16 was a very popular small e-switch light, for example.

Out now is a much higher output 18350 light, the TK17.

Photos of the TK17 are limited at this point, but a reasonable compliment of specifications is available.

There will be three emitter options (again, like the Tk16 for example).

3*SAMSUNG LH351D CRI≥90 6000K
3*NICHIA 219C CRI ≥90

This hits three big categories of emitters – the Osram will be the “thrower” version.  The Nichia will be the NW high CRI version.  And the 351D will be the CW high output version.

It’s great to see manufactures catering in this way to various categories.  We look forward to seeing the TK17 in the wild!

The Acebeam TK17 may be purchased on amazon for $79.90.

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