Flashlight News: Phreaky Briefing Issue 39

Welcome to the latest Phreaky Briefing Issue! We provide Phreaks like yourself with all of the latest flashlight news and information in this flashlight briefing. No more keeping track of 3 forums, 2 Facebook groups, and every manufacturer on Instagram, we do the work for you! We won’t spam and will keep hawking wares to a minimum. If you aren’t into flashlight news just click here to skip to the PhotonPhreaks updates, otherwise; Let’s get on to the news!

You may have noticed this Flashlight News Briefing is formatted differently than previous briefings. As part of our continuous effort to improve, we noticed most readers are on mobile, so we are optimizing for that. There’s also a Table of Contents that you can click to expand and help you navigate.

High End / Custom Flashlight Briefing

Copper and Current

Mike of Copper and Current has announced his next project – Canary. Mike’s words: a constant-current boost circuit powered by a 1.5V N-cell. The rotary switch both turns the circuit on-off and controls the brightness. The target current is 1-100mA. In a departure from 15VP, this circuit is completely analog: there is not a single digital signal or microcontroller on the board. We’re excited about this, N Cell lights are rare.

Copper and Current constant current boost flashlight driver prototype with a rotary switch
Copper and Current constant current boost flashlight driver prototype with a rotary switch

In another update from Copper and Current, the Hinton interest list is now live! View it here.

Copper and Current Hinton AA / 14500 custom titanium flashlight.
Copper and Current Hinton AA / 14500 custom titanium flashlight.

CWF Custom Flashlights

The CWF Customs Micro Arcadian with a clicky switch!

CWF Wiggins Custom flashlight 10440 Micro Arcadian with tail clicky switch
CWF Wiggins Custom flashlight 10440 Micro Arcadian with tail clicky switch

Charles is getting excited about these, and we are too! The Micro Arcadian with a clicky. You can see the difference in size here between clicky and twisty version.

CWF Micro Arcadian with switch and twisty size comparison
CWF Micro Arcadian with switch and twisty size comparison

Covering a bit of backlog, the Micro Click mentioned above “came and went” – a few (actually 16) were available for $425, and they’re gone. The finishes look great, and we appreciate that they accept standard over/under pocket clips, too.

Sold out CWF Micro Click examples
Sold out CWF Micro Click examples

Another quick shout out to CWF for being a great part of the community: When a member was in need, CWF hosted a fundraiser. Very generous of Charles, and best wishes to the beneficiary.

In non-flashlight CWF news, in a bit of downtime, Charles took the opportunity to work on an older project. Called simply a “pocket tool” you can imagine myriad ways to use this little titanium item.

CWF custom flashlights titanium "pocket tool" prybar bottle opener
CWF titanium “pocket tool”

Discrete Carry Concepts

On instagram, Discrete Carry Concepts looks to be teasing a made in the US Surefire flashlight pocket clip! They’re very well known for clips favored by Kydex benders and users, these should be great.

Discrete Carry Concepts tease of a flashlight clip on a surefire
Discrete Carry Concepts tease of a flashlight clip on a surefire

Focus Works EDC

Jordy of Focus Works announced that the Eryx F1 is seeing potential emitter options… These are Nichia E21A – four of them in a Ledil Boom reflector!

quad Nichia E21A LEDs in a boom reflector  for the Focusworks eryx
quad Nichia E21A LEDs in a boom reflector


If you need a sheath for holding your EDC items, specifically (and mainly) flashlights, have a look at what HoldMyGear on Etsy is doing. Available are hard belt holsters specifically for certain lights. Seen here with the Olight Baton Pro / S2R II.

Olight Baton Pro Flashlight holster
Olight Baton Pro Flashlight holster


We don’t always feature mods on this page, but some deserve special mention. The GT Nano, already a ridiculous light because of massive throw in such a small package, has been modded into a triple by Jlmmodz. Truly magic. If you need any tiny triples or other work, he’s the one to talk to.

Lumintop GT Nano keychain flashlight in copper modded into a triple by Jeffery Morris
Lumintop GT Nano keychain flashlight in copper modded into a triple by Jeffery Morris

Laulima Metal Craft

A Timascus Hoku is in progress!

Lauilima 10440 flashlight in Timascus
Lauilima 10440 flashlight in Timascus

Not only that update to the Hoku, but there’s also the possibility of tritium slots on some versions of the Hoku!

Laulima aaa titanium flashlight with orange trit grooves
Laulima aaa titanium flashlight with orange trit grooves

One more big note from Laulima Metal Works – a shorty timascus pocket clip!

Timascus shorty pocket clip for the laulima Hoku
Timascus shorty pocket clip for the laulima Hoku


Serge of LUX-RC has plans to make more user light engines, including a dedicated sales page that allows you to purchase the LUX-RC engines on his site and configure the LED types and secondary colors to order. He also wants to offer buyers the option to purchase it already mounted on a pill for compatible with other makers’ lights, eg. Hanko Trident or Okluma DC1.

Lux-RC flashlight engine in a custom Hanko Machine Works Titanium Trident
Lux-RC engines for many “standard” “custom” 18350 flashlights. Pic credit @allrockabilly on IG

Lux-RC also makes some non-flashlight items, but things which will be greatly interesting for enthusiasts. Here’s a 20mm board, which accepts 10-20V and can run up to 35W.

Lux-RC 10-20V engines
Lux-RC 10-20V engines

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Mr. Tube

Mr. Tube teased a graphic

Mr. Tube custom flashlight drawing
Mr. Tube new logo

More news out of Mr. Tube – he’s now making his own pocket clips. They look like fairly standard clips, and would likely fit many “standard” flashlights.

Pazori (Etsy)

Here seen on a Reaver Arms Citadel, this one-off pocket clip made of .925 Sterling Silver was made by Gennady Larin from the etsy store Pazori. This is incredible work, and we look forward to seeing more (and know there is at least one being made now.)

sterling silver flashlight pocket clip mounted on a reaver citadel
Pazori from etsy custom silver pocket clip

And since we can’t leave you hanging, here’s the tease of the other clip being made now!

render of a sterling silver custom pocket clip compatible with steelflame clips
Pazori custom sterling silver pocket clip

Sinner Customs

Sinner Customs has translated their design language from the popular 18350 EDC flashlight down to an AAA version. Look at those massive tritium slots in the tail!

Sinner Customs AAA titanium flashlight prototype
Sinner Customs AAA prototype Flashlight


Over on budgetlightforum.com, user thefreeman has announced an Anduril compatible driver with the following specs:

  • 20-22mm (or larger) with components within 18mm, max component height between 2 and 7mm depending on the chosen inductor.
  • Single cell input with up to 5A at 6V or 2.5A at 12V outpout.
  • Attiny1616 : 3 wires flashing and calibrated temp sensor
  • E-switch with Anduril
  • High resolution dimming : at least 1:65000, something like a 0.05 lumens moonlight when configured for max power.
  • Reverse polarity protection
thefreeman from blf anduril flashlight driver
thefreeman from blf anduril driver


Now offered by Torchlab (through Oveready) is the new BOSS (The BOSS FT – Forward Taper), with 4000K Nichia 219b.

TorchLAB BOSS custom brass flashlight available with Nichia 219b
TorchLAB BOSS available with Nichia 219b

Another small bit of news from TorchLAB via Facebook – they’re making no more combos in brass or copper. “They will remain rare!”

YellowDay Energy

YDE has been going crazy with finishes. Here we have a … well you just look! Whatever you think about the design, it’s safe to say that the work is extremely well executed.

YellowDay Energy custom laser finishes with Louie Vuitton branding
YellowDay Energy custom laser finishes

YDE has also been working on some new pocket clips. These are also 3d milled, but have a different shape. Also available in various finishes.

YellowDay Energy new style pocket flashlight clip in titanium, zirconium and mokuti
YellowDay Energy new pocket clip style

Flashlight News Intermission

Alright, that was a lot of info. Before we continue with the flashlight news, take a deep breath and a bathroom break, self care is important.

If you’re having trouble finding the right flashlight for you, check out Parametrek. It’s the most detailed flashlight search engine that I’ve found and they help make the Phreaky Briefing a reality.

Production Flashlight Briefing


Banggood, seller of Astrolux lights, has shown off the EA02, which has USB-C charging, and an OSRAM PM1 emitter. Should be quite a thrower!

Astrolux EA02 Osram LED thrower long range flashlight
Astrolux EA02 Osram thrower

There’s also the EA01S new from Astrolux! This is a 11000 lumen light, which also has USB-C charging, and a couple of emitter options.

Astrolux EA01S USB C charging flashlight in black, grey, blue
Astrolux EA01S beast


A new 16340 light is on the market – the Cyansky M3. Cyansky is a newer brand, but has turned out some very interesting designs. Reviews on the M3 have already been dropping – here’s one by ZeroAir.

Cyansky M3 titanium 16340 flashlight
Cyansky M3 titanium 16340 flashlight

Another new and unusual light from Cyansky is the H3, which has built in color filters. The H3 runs on a single 21700, which is included. ZeroAir has reviewed the Cyansky H3, too.

Cyansky H3 red green white colored  hunting flashlight
Cyansky H3 red green white hunting flashlight


Fenix updated the PD35 TAC. to the PD36 TAC

Fenix PD36 Tac  now available
Fenix PD36 Tac now available


Fireflies has announced the E07X Pro. Already showing up on the site, it doesn’t look like it’s purchasable just yet. The light will have 7 emitters, be available in 4 colors, and have 6 auxiliary lights. And it’s going to have USB-C Charging! This might also be the first production light to ship with Anduril2.

Fireflies E07X Pro usb c charging flashlight with andruil 2
Fireflies E07X Pro preorders begin

Going Gear

Going Gear has released some exclusive cerakoted olights. We aren’t sure the name of the blue being seen here, but it’s quite fetching!

Going Gear custom cerakote of an Olight Baton
Going Gear custom cerakote of an Olight Baton


We reported on the JETBeam JET-1m previously, but now we can report that the light is available for purchase. The JET-1M is powered by a single 18500 cell, and has red, green, and white lights!

JETBeam 1M Guardian multi colored flashlight
JETBeam 1M Guardian flashlight available now

JETBeam is also making another e-switch light, but details are scarce at the moment. We do have one photo, though!

JETBeam e-switch flashlight
JETBeam e-switch flashlight


A long time crowd favorite mod, Lumintop has embraced 10440 for the GT Nano, and is now officially offering a 10440 tube for purchase.

Lumintop GT Nano 10440
Lumintop GT Nano 10440

Lumintop has also been teasing the D1, which looks like an EDC18 but is different in that it has a simpler UI (and not Anduril). Quite a few emitter options exist, too.

Lumintop D1 triple
Lumintop D1 triple

The Lumintop E21C has also been shown, which is a bigger dual beam pattern light with a long COB lantern on the side and a reflector on the head. This style light has been popular in the past in 14500 size, so we’re excited to see it in 18650 size, too. Also, it has USB-C charging!

Lumintop E21C COB style light with lantern and flashlight and 18650 battery
Lumintop E21C COB style light

The Lumintop EDCAA was available in aluminum previously (ZeroAir reviewed one) but Lumintop has busted out the titanium. What’s nice about this one is that it will ship with a Neutral White LED! It does look like there are two finishes available, too.

Lumintop EDCAA pocket flashlights  in titanium and neutral white
Lumintop EDCAA in titanium and neutral white

Hot on the heels of the massively successful FW series lights, Lumintop is in pre-production for an 14500 version.

Lumintop 14500 version of the FW3A flashlight
Lumintop 14500 version of the FW3A


Manker CROWN – a zoomy flashlight with no moving parts!?

Manker CROWN adjustable focus zoomie flashlight
Manker CROWN, a zoomy with no moving parts

MecArmy EDC

Always one to try new things, MecArmy has made a pocket clip compatible flashlight that attaches to a Benchmade or Emerson pattern screw holes. Yo Dawg, you can have a flashlight on your flashlight! This is the CPL3 USB-C Knife Back Clip Attachable LED Mini-Light.

MecArmy pocket clip flashlight for knife clips benchmade style
MecArmy pocket clip flashlight


Nichia has announce the “H6 series” of LEDs. These are 3030 footprint “mid-power” emitters, which “delivers a color rendering index (CRI) of 90 while maintaining a level of efficacy seen in standard CRI 80 LEDs.” (news from ledsmagazine.com.)

Nichia H6
Nichia H6


There have been bigger “dual head” flashlights, but Niwalker is introducing the ET Mini. These small lights have an e-switch, and look to be powered by an 18350 cell.

Niwalker ET Mini dual head flashlight
Niwalker ET Mini


Nitecore has announced the MH11, which has USB-C charging.

Nitecore MH11 USB C rechargeable flashlight
Nitecore MH11


Olight has a flash sale coming up on 4/15 with 4 new lights: Orange S1R Baton 3 in orange, everyone favorite color! Other new colorways include the M2R Pro Warrior in Ocean Camouflage, OBulb in pink and a cool “Desert Sunset” gradient colorway for the Warrior X Pro. Flash Sale kicks off on 4/15 until 4/17

Olight’s also forayed into zirconium parts. Presenting the OPEN 2 in zirc!! .

Olight Zirconium OPEN 2
Olight Zirconium OPEN 2


Vapcell has introduced the K64, a 6400mAh INR26650. This is a very high capacity cell!

Vapcell K64 6400mAh 26650
Vapcell K64 6400mAh 26650


Offering quite a few modular items, Weltool has shown a render of a new one. Danny of Weltool says it best:
“This BB3 body + TC59 tail cover set is a modular design, BB3 can be compatible with surefire m600df light head KE2-DF. Your M600DF can be easily converted into a tactical flashlight. Of course, BB3 can be adapted to Weltoo LH1, LH2, LH3 head. This BB3 comes with a stainless steel pocket clip on the body, and you can also use Thyrm SwitchBack. TC59 tail cover can be compatible with surefire 6P, 9P, Z2 and other flashlights.”

Weltool BB3 body TC59 tail
Weltool BB3 body TC59 tail


Not afraid to put some unusual finish on their lights, Wuben has shown a new Camo pattern on their T70 flashlight.

Wuben new camo T70 flashlight
Wuben new camo

Wuben also has released the Gecko E61, which is a pen flashlight combo. Also it’s quite tactical, with a strike surface too!

Wuben Gecko E61
Wuben Gecko E61


The Wurkkos HD20 has been a popular headlamp because it’s absolutely packed with features (or at least that’s what ZeroAir says). But now the HD20 will be available in green!

Wurkkos color HD20
Wurkkos color HD20

Wurkkos is also now making a l100m rated dive light with a magnetic control ring. The DL30 claims 3600 lumens, and high CRI too!

Wurkos DL30 dive light
Wurkos DL30


Following in line with other keychain flashlight makers, XTAR has made the T1 and T1UV, both e-switch keychain flashlights with UV and other secondary LEDs. These are nice in that they offer USB-C charging. Here’s a review by ZeroAir.

XTAR T1 usb c charging keychain light with UV

Yarki Luch Professional

YLP introduced the long-awaited Gekko 1.0 headlamp. This high-CRI and neutral white flashlight has an intuitive user interface and a massive amount of programmability. ZeroAir has a review out on this impressive light.

YLP Gekko 1.0
YLP Gekko 1.0

Congratulations on completing another Phreaky Briefing! Consider yourself up to date on all the latest flashlight news!

What’s New with PhotonPhreaks

Here’s a quick rundown of the latest happenings:

  • Phandolorian Embroidered patch with a glow in the dark element is sold out! Congrats to everyone that got one.
  • Oversize Desk Mats and Work Mats!! We made some with our redraw of the patent art from the original flashlight patent. almost completely sold out of the original run but I have a restock coming soon.
  • There were some production and quality issues with a run of a new patch design, the Phredator. After some discussion in our facebook group (why haven’t you joined yet??) I decided to make them available at a steep discount.
  • Orange Flood Rings are on clearance with code FLOODRING25, we have a restock of Green, Aqua, and Pink coming soon. Our Flood Rings are machined in the US out of US made Hyperglow material, only best for you guys, no 3D prints.

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