Lumintop gives nod to DIYers with a new Tool AA2.0 Kit.

Lumintop, popular maker with such lights as the FW3A and various Tool models, has announced a kit light.  This is the first production kit light we know of.

The kit is named “Lumintop Tool AA2.0 HM Homemade EDC Flashlight”, and comes with three body color choices:  Gray, Black, and Panda White.

Lumintop does not say yet what is required by a user to build the Tool AA2.0.  But based on the product images, the parts screw together.

Based on the image above (at the top), it appears that all the parts you’ll possibly need are included.  That includes tweezers, for securing the pill and switch, and possibly even a couple of very specific tools that make the tweezers superfluous – special tools should make assembly a snap!

Lumintop includes not only two emitters but two complete pills, which again further the notion that no soldering is required.  The two emitters seen are Cree XPL HD and Nichia 219CT.

The Tool Kit lists for around $40, but coupons around the web should allow you to find it for less (around $22).

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