TorchLAB introduces new BOSS model

TorchLAB has introduced a new BOSS FT in the famed BOSS series light.

torchlab boss forward taper ft 35 aluminum
TorchLAB BOSS FT in Aluminum

Production on the previous BOSS, now called the “Reverse Taper” has been put on hold while the new BOSS – the “Forward Taper.” Forward Taper (or “FT”) describes the body exactly – taper is toward the head.

The BOSS FT currently comes in three body metals: Copper, Brass, and Aluminum (seen above).

torchlab boss forward taper ft 35 copper
TorchLAB BOSS FT in Copper
torchlab boss forward taper ft 35 brass
TorchLAB BOSS FT in Brass

The BOSS (“Bright Output Small Size”) flashlight has been an icon in the flashlight world for years now. The Reverse Taper (“RT”) was notable for their very high output, since it can use 2×18350 in the 70 format. The RT also was one of the first lights to have a secondary emitter (available in amber and red).

For reference, here’s the BOSS RT. This is actually a special edition with branding by Pete Gray.

torchlab boss reverse taper rt 35 an 70 pete gray
TorchLAB BOSS RT in Brass, Pete Gray edition

But one groundbreaking feature was the optical programming. The RT offered four modes, and the ability to program the driver through a web interface.

While the TorchLAB BOSS FT brings those features forward, it brings heavy updates to the driver, as well. A new driver is standard in all BOSS FT lights. It’s still a driver by Lux-RC named 371d v2.0.

The updated BOSS also offers another significant upgrade – a new pocket clip! This may seem minor, but to upgrade the RT BOSS clip is not a minor undertaking. The original clip was so great it was used on countless other custom flashlights.

The new clip is still titanium, but is thinner, has a different contour, and is ostensibly easier to use. It’s called the Speed Clip, and is default on all BOSS FT lights. The Speed Clip is available for purchase separately, as well.

torchlab oveready speed clip
TorchLAB/Oveready Titanium Speed Clip

At this time, the BOSS FT does not have a “70” option (which would be for supporting single 18650 cells, or two 18350 cells). As much love as the 70 version of the RT received, we find it likely that there will eventually be a 70 option on the FT as well.

Oveready is the seller for the TorchLAB BOSS. Some versions of the light are available at the time of writing

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