Flashlight News: Phreaky Briefing Issue 40

Welcome to the latest Phreaky Briefing Issue! We provide Phreaks like yourself with all of the latest custom, production and tactical flashlight news and information in this flashlight briefing. No more keeping track of 3 forums, 2 Facebook groups, and every manufacturer on Instagram, we do the work for you! We won’t spam and will keep hawking wares to a minimum. If you aren’t into flashlight news just click here to skip to the PhotonPhreaks updates, otherwise; Let’s get on to the news!

You may have noticed this Flashlight News Briefing is formatted differently than previous briefings. As part of our continuous effort to improve, we noticed most readers are on mobile, so we are optimizing for that. There’s also a Table of Contents that you can click to expand and help you navigate.

High End / Custom Flashlight Briefing

Artech Custom Flashlights

New exotics are available from Akradiy! Not only more lights, but also in progress is a new custom driver for these lights.

Artech custom flashlight run
Arkadiy new custom flashlights! (sorry for the blur, it’s a screengrab from an instagram video)

Copper and Current

The Hinton first run interest list has closed, but it’s worthwhile to note that it was a raving success, and we’re pleased that Mike is making this light happen!

Copper and Current preorder over
Copper and Current preorder over

Creative Bureau

From Instagram, we’re seeing a very unusual user interface for this custom flashlight light by Creative Bureau. There is a mechanical slider for an on and off switch, and the LED’s are individually addressable via what may be an accelerometer.

Creative Bureau  custom motion sense UI flashlight
Custom_Flashlight motion sense UI

Focus Works

Jordy has posed the question: Blue or orange? Despite having a massive effect on the reflector, it appears this is “just” a glow in the dark centering ring around the emitter. Very impressive.

FocusWorks glow gaskets
FocusWorks glow gaskets

Gyorgy Kemenes

Gyorgy, already a maker of impressive (and sometimes impressively small) flashlights has gotten his hands on some drivers from Copper and Current and is incorporating them into some new builds

Gyorgy Kemenes working with the Copper and Current driver
Gyorgy Kemenes working with the Copper and Current driver

JC Customs

Most notable for modifying existing flashlights, JC Customs is getting into building actual bodies, too! These are being turned by hand on a manual lather, here’s a particularly beautiful example- damascus with a brass bezel. Availability and pricing has not been announced yet, the one pictured has an owner already

JC Customs first full custom flashlight
JC Customs first full custom flashlight

Joel Abernathy

From Facebook: Joel Abernathy is using leather to make belt carry options for the M2R Pro and i3t and Warrior Mini tactical flashlights. Looks like these will go for around $40, and Joel seeks feedback on the design.

Olight flashlight leather pouch sheathe
Joel Abernathy flashlight pouches

Laulima Metal Craft

Joshua Dawson of Laulima Metal Crafthas teased a mokume gane body for his flashlights! Looks great! An astute observer will notice this is a new flashlight design as well. We’re eager to see what he comes up with.

Laulima Metal Craft mokume gane flashlight body
Laulima Metal Craft mokume body

Rick Brady

Rick Brady, owner of the updated Thrunite TN42 V2 made a leather case for both protection and carry of the light. It’s unclear if these are for sale, but find Rick on the Thrunite Facebook group if you want more details.

Rick Brady leather carrier for Thrunite flashlight
Rick Brady leather carrier for Thrunite

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Menton Boss

We’ve talked here about the flashlight teased by Menton Boss. There’s an actual prototype in the works now, and we have this bit of information about it. No other details are available yet, but so far it’s looking very nice.

Menton Boss flashlight prototype

Phuoc Trinh

This unnamed copper flashlight was teased on Facebook recently. Details are very limited at this time, but it does seem that they can be purchased.

Phuoc Trinh custom flashlight
Phuoc Trinh custom flashlight

There are other versions of this light, too, each more fetching than the previous.

Phuoc Trinh custom flashlight
Phuoc Trinh custom flashlight


Popular flashlight maker Reylight has worked with Kizer to make a knife with the popular pineapple pattern scales!

Reylight kizer knife
Reylight Kizer collab knife

Tom Harlow

We’ve seen other interesting things from Tom in the recent past, but now he’s working some straight up magic. Designed to fit a Convoy S2+, he’s made an array of RGB emitters – 16 shown below (but more possible) that can be individually addressed and controlled in fun ways!

Tom Harlow addressable RGB
Tom Harlow addressable RGB


You may know we here at PhotonPhreaks love some custom engraving. There’s a new engraved flashlight out there! It’s an engraved TorchLAB BOSS in copper. The work looks to be done by (or owned by?) Yongqiqn.

Engraved TorchLAB BOSS
Engraved TorchLAB BOSS

Yellowday Energy

There’s a new Wreck-IT! It’s the “Rotor” model. Even with all the updates, the new Rotor will still interchange with other Wreck-IT parts!

Yellowday Energy Wreck-It Rotor flashlight in copper and brass
Yellowday Energy Wreck-It Rotor

Flashlight News Intermission

Alright, that was a lot of info. Before we continue with the flashlight news, take a deep breath and a bathroom break, self care is important.

If you’re having trouble finding the right flashlight for you, check out Parametrek. It’s the most detailed flashlight search engine that I’ve found and they help make the Phreaky Briefing a reality.

Production (tactical) Flashlight Briefing


You’ve probably seen it all over the web lately, but the Acebeam E70-Al Tactical Flashlight has been announced. It’s quite a beast, using 21700 cell and with the Cree XHP70.2 emitter. It will also be made in other metals, copper has been confirmed so far.

Acebeam E70-AL Flashlight
Acebeam E70


The Amutorch SD5 is a Luminus SST-40 thrower, powered by a single 21700 cell. This light will have great throw (over 750m), and should have good runtimes with the high capacity 21700 cells. Here’s the ZeroAir review.

Amutorch SD5 long range flashlight
Amutorch SD5

One more bit of news from Amutorch – the E3Q will soon be available. This is a “keychain flashlight” (likely 18350 sized), but with a tail switch. ZeroAir reviewed the E3S and liked it lot!

Amutorch E3Q keychain flashlight
Amutorch E3Q

Armytek Tactical Flashlights

There’s a new Armytek on the market – the Prime C2 Pro Tactical Flashlight, which has the standard magnetic charging base, but gets a spec bump with the new emitter, and overall better usage, too.

Armytek Prime C2 Pro
Armytek Prime C2 Pro

Armytek has also announced the Wizard C2 Pro Max Magnet USB – a very long name for their newest 21700 cell headlamp.

Armytek Wizard C2 Pro Max Magnet USB
Armytek Wizard C2 Pro Max Magnet USB


A new Brinyte headlamp is coming to market. This headlamp will have a head that can be rotated, and also a magnet base. It’s an interesting (and likely extremely useful) headlamp design.

Brinyte Headlamp
Brinyte Headlamp

One more bit of Brinyte news – they’re moving office! We wish them the best in their move.

Brinyte's new office
Brinyte’s new office


While these colors have been offered for a while in the S2+ line, Convoy is now offering color options in the C8 lineup, as well!

Convoy C8 Colors!
Convoy C8 Colors!


The Emisar DT8 dual quad flashlight has been released. While the light itself is unusual, it’s nice to note that this is a fairly inexpensive way to get Anduril2!

Emisar DT8
Emisar DT8


Fenix has produced a single “big version” of their extremely popular PD36R. No photos show the light working, but it’s still spectacular even as a show piece. We assume the human in the yellow shirt is a fully normal sized human.

Fenix Big Boi
Fenix Big Prop light

Fenix also has released the new WF30RE, which might not be much interest to “flashlight enthusiasts” but is an impressive entry into intrinsically safe flashlights.

Fenix WF30RE Intrinsically Safe Flashlight
Fenix WF30RE Intrinsically Safe Flashlight


JETBeam has announced the new KO-03 EDC Flashlight. Other details are slim at the moment, but this one looks to be a fairly simple, robust e-switch flashlight. Fortunately we know JETBeam makes a quality product, so we look forward to more details.

JETBeam KO-03 Flashlight
JETBeam KO-03 Flashlight


There’s a new tail switch from Klarus. This is a dual action switch, to allow quicker reaction and faster control. The new tailcap looks to be for the XT2CR PRO.

Klarus Tailcap
Klarus Tailcap

Lumens Factory

Sometimes we feel like Lumens Factory is just making things they like and we’re not sure who the items is for. But that’s the best kind of product! This is an example – the 10X-LED module for the 10X Dominator. The 10X Dominator is a tactical Surefire, so it’s nice to see new life breathed into those products!

Lumens Factory 10X-LED
Lumens Factory 10X-LED


The FW series of flashlights by Lumintop are very popular, and Lumintop has certainly capitalized on that success. Here’s one more entry – the FWAA, which is a 14500 sized light, but still a triple! ZeroAir has already reviewed this one!

Lumintop FWAA
Lumintop FWAA

The GT Nano in aluminum was great fun. Then came brass and copper, which were even heavier fun! Now the GT Nano is seeing titanium iterations, and there are a few! There’s polished, stonewashed, and blast finished versions.

Lumintop GT Nano Titanium  keychain long range flashlight
Lumintop GT Nano Titanium

There’s a new LEP on the market! While it doesn’t look to be a US release, Lumintop is making a “white laser” (LEP) out of copper! There are tritium slots, too!

Lumintop Copper LEP
Lumintop Copper LEP

There’s a new lantern by Lumintop! We leaked this one in a previous Briefing but more details have emerged. The CL2 is powered by 14500 sized cells (from 1 to 4 cells) and has USB-C charging!

Lumintop 14500 camping Lantern
Lumintop 14500 Lantern

More news from Lumintop – the FW3X, which has an RGB emitter dead center on the mcpcb, is now shown featuring Osram main emitters!

Lumintop FW3A RGB flashlight
Lumintop FW3A RGB

Right smack in the “just for fun” and/or “why not” category (right up there with the large Fenix light mentioned above), is this fun glow bunny by Lumintop.

Lumintop Turbo Glow Bunny
Lumintop Turbo Glow Bunny


Famous cell tester Mooch has tested the Samsung 25R8, the “latest version of the classic 25R.” Mooch indicates these cells test very well.

Mooch 25R8 Cell test
Mooch 25R8 Cell test

Nebo Tools

Nebo has introduced the Torchy 2K. This light has quite a feature set (click the previous link for details and to purchase), and is a great entry from Nebo into the higher quality flashlight world. The charge base shown for the Torchy 2K looks remarkably light an Olight MCC charger!

Nebo Torchy 2K
Nebo Torchy 2K 2000 lumen flashlight


During the Olight Warrior Mini tactical flashlight kerfuffle, it seem the only solution offered was to return all of your Warrior Minis. This wasn’t satisfactory to many users, and Olight has changed the solution to being more agreeable. Now you can return whatever selection of your purchases from OlightStore.com for the fix that you wish. Details are here.

Olight Warrior Mini Program
Olight Warrior Mini Program

If you check out the Olight Store you may notice that all Warrior Mini listings are marked as “sold out”. Watch for our posts as we track these developments!

This may count as “Custom Flashlight News” but here we have an Olantern with a custom cover – a sprinkled donut! This work comes to us courtesy of Eddie Barrios on Facebook.

Olight Donut Lantern
Olight Donut Lantern


Rovyvon has a few new entries in the keychain/EDC market. The A1x is available in purple:

Rovyvon A1x
RovyVon A1x in purple

The RovyVon A3 is available in green:

RovyVon A3x
RovyVon A3 in green

And finally, the A5x is available in purple, too!

RovyVon A5x
RovyVon A5x

RovyVon also has the S2, which has been out for some time, but may make a comeback. This is an interesting light with a bunch of emitters, including sets on both sides of the handle, and dual e-switches, and a voltage display!

RovyVon S2 flashlight
RovyVon S2 Flashlight


The Streamlight Pocket Mate is a keychain light that would make an excellent gift, It can double for cap uses, and boasts USB recharging.

Streamlight Pocket Mate
Streamlight Pocket Mate keychain flashlight


Thrunite Tactical Flashlights has been looking for product design input, and seems to have settled on the design for their new headlamp. A name isn’t known, but here’s the general design.

Thrunite Headlamp render
Thrunite Headlamp render

There’s another call-for-input from Thrunite. This time for the T1 Tactical Flashlight. The T1 will see an upgraded version, most likely to include USB-C charging, but possibly with some other features or design changes. They’re still working out details.

Thrunite updated T1
Thrunite updated T1


The Wuben E6 is a tiny little thrower, powered by a 14500 (or AA!!) cell. This looks to be a great combination of “sleeper throw”, hitting over 400 meters!

Wuben E6 Thrower
Wuben E6 Thrower

Wuben has also released a tiny bit of news about a new product – the T2. We know little about it, but we can say it’s an e-switch light and probably 2xAA or 2xAAA. A Wuben penlight!

Wuben T2 Penlight
Wuben T2 Penlight

Congratulations on completing another Phreaky Briefing! Consider yourself up to date on all the latest flashlight news!

What’s New with PhotonPhreaks

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