Surefire announces the Stiletto Pro

Surefire recently released a Pro version of their Stiletto light.

This light is powered by an integrated LiPo battery, and boasts micro-USB charging and a dual switch interface.  (Or tri-switch, depending on how you consider the switches.)  There’s a tailswitch, too!


This switch is actually programmable, too.  It can be programmed for increasing mode advancement (ie low to high), or “reverse” mode advancement (ie high to low).

While the body might look plastic, it’s actually HA aluminum.  That “plastic” look actually leads us here at PhotonPhreaks to believe it’s probably very nice (thick, resistant) anodizing, too!


A beefy pocket/belt clip is screwed to the body of the light.  It’s a non-standard hole spacing, but is reversible, for bezel up or bezel down carry.

Here’s a better look at the tailswitch.  Initial videos indicate this switch can be used for momentary activation.

The Stiletto Pro offers 1000 lumens, an indicator, multiple switches, and a built in battery.  Looks like another nice offering from Surefire!

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