Skilhunt announces magnetic charging AA flashlight

Skilhunt, maker of the venerable H03 series of headlamps, has announced an AA light with magnetic charging.

Very limited information is available at this point, but this is a light worth mentioning. 

Here at PhotonPhreaks, magnetic charging isn’t our favorite feature.  But Skilhunt has utilized magnetic charging well in the past (H03C RC, H03F RC, S2 Pro and S3 Pro).  So we have no good reason to think the charging aspect will be a bad implementation of on-board charging.

On-board charging for an AA light is a bit of an anomaly.  There are certainly a few examples (Klarus and Fenix both have them), but they are unusual.

Also it’s clear from the design that the cell may be removed easily for traditional charging, too.

The addition of on-board charging doesn’t add too much to the size, either.  For example, the popular Wuben E05 is bigger in every direction, has a smaller switch, and also only has “on-board charging” by means of a cell with that built in!

The emitter will be a Cree XP-L2, and it’s unclear if the light will also accept 14500 cells.  We eagerly anticipate the release of this new Skilhunt.

Photos courtesy of Skilhunt Facebook.

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