RovyVon Aurora A23 Pre-Order now open

RovyVon hit the scene hard not too very long ago, with a couple of big-claim lights.  The Aurora series had high output, and then circled back to have great emitter options.  The E300 was a unique triple with a built in battery – an unusual right angle light.

RovyVon is back again, this time with another in the Aurora line.  It’s the A23, and it’s larger than the other Aurora series lights. 

Two emitters options will be available, much like the other lights RovyVon makes.  Cree XP-L HD and Nichia 219c will be available.

One massive step up for this light is the battery – it’s no longer a built in battery; it’s user replaceable!  The battery used does appear from the photo below to be a lipo pouch cell, not a cylindrical cell, but it’s still a nice option for replacement.  The battery is 600mAh.

Intended for pocket carry (not keychain use) the A23 has a screw-down clip, like so many lights, but the clip attaches at the tail of the light.  This should allow for a nice deep carry.

Micro-USB will be the means of charging the lipo cell.

The switch is also improved for this A23.  This switch is a metal e-switch, and oddly placed near the middle of the body.

The light utilizes a TIR optic, and claims 1000 lumens with the Cree XP-L HD emitter.  The Nichia is warmer, at 4500-5000K, and has higher CRI, at 90+.

The A23 is available for preorder at RovyVon’s site.  The price is $46.95, and buying within the preorder timeframe will get you a lanyard with a RovyVon bead.

Aurora A23 Compact 1000 Lumens EDC Flashlight


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