ReyLight Damascus LAN, limited quantities

ReyLight has announced a limited (and not to be repeated) quantity of damascus LAN lights.

It’s unofficial how many lights in this run there are, but there are at least three.  These will be $300 each, and are available with Cree XPL (probably HD) and Nichia 219c.

These lights each have 16 tritium slots, including a bunch in the had, and a bunch in the tail.

The LAN has seen continued development from Rey Ye, and this is a bit of a pinnacle – a very special metal, and with many tritium slots for adornment.

The LAN is an AA light, which also works with 14500 cells.  It has a very lightly orange peel reflector, which gives a very useful beam shape.

The price is $300 each.  It is recommended to contact Rey or his marketing guy Yeu Don directly on his FaceBook page to purchase one of these beauties:

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