Released Today! Thrunite TT20 Tactical 21700 Flashlight with USB-C

Thrunite released what will likely be the Olight M2R’s biggest competitor, the Thrunite TT20 Tactical Flashlight.

The Thrunite TT20 will be available in black and red and is a 21700 powered tactical flashlight featuring dual switches and USB-C charging.

Here’s a quick rundown on the important stuff

  • Battery: 21700
  • LED: SST-70
  • Claimed Output: 2526 
  • Claimed Throw: 258m
  • Dual Switch UI
  • Integrated USB-C Fast Charging
  • Infinite Ramping UI
  • Shortcut to Turbo
  • Two Way Pocket Clip

It was supposed to be released next week but for some reason it’s currently listed on Amazon in Back and Red. I assume it will be available on Thrunite’s official site next week.

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