Prometheus Lights announces Foursevens Quark MKIII LED Flashlight

Prometheus Lights, maker of many finely machined products – the Alpha flashlight, the Delta flashlight, the Lambda top, the Alpha pen, and the venerable Beta QR flashlight, recently acquired the flashlight brand FourSevens.  Along the way there have been some upgrades and updates, and newer lights….

Today Prometheus Lights has announced a Kickstarter campaign for two new improved Quarks.

The two models are:

  • Quark QK2A: The Generalist – 500 Lumens max (2xAA NiMh rechargeable batteries)
  • Quark QK16L: The Enthusiast – 700 Lumens max (16650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery)

It’s great to see the Quark line live on, and nice to see the development direction being pursued by Jason Hui.

These lights are built around a consideration made by Prometheus Lights:

The emitter for this Kickstarter looks to be no choice except a Nichia 319A.  That’s 5000K of 80+CRI Nichia goodness.

You’ll notice that the emitter above is hexagonal.  That’s a tradeoff made for beamshape (the tradeoff being lower CRI, and probably output), also giving much less color shift across the beam pattern.

The emitter lives on a DTP (direct thermal path) mcpcb, which will help shed heat from the emitter.

By default these Quarks will have a proud switch.

But a snap on ring will prevent some switch exposure, and also allow tailstanding.  This appears to be included with purchase.  Also works with other Quarks!

Here are specs for the two lights.

Now is the opportunity for backing this project.  Here’s a link to the Kickstarter.

Photos from Kickstarter.

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