Olight’s September Flash Sale!

Olight has the rather unique (in our flashlight world) model of doing a flash sale nearly every month, here’s the scoop on what they got going on now:

Starting at 8PM EDT on 9/24 there’s going to be a 28 hour flash sale, but those above their Silver Tier (who they consider their VIP customers already had access beginning on the 21st.

The main item they’re promoting is a bundle of the Olight Warrior Mini combined with the Olight i3T E0S in red. The Warrior Mini is a fascinating light, it’s kind of like a hybrid between a tactical 18650 light complete with a tail switch but it is very compact and features a side witch and magnetic charging for EDC use as well. It comes in 3 colors, Black, Tan or for a slight upcharge, camo. For purposes of this bundle, the i3T is only available in red. The flash sale discount is a whopping 40%, off with the black or tan Warrior Mini combo coming in at $61.14 and the Camo Warrior Mini combo will be an additional $6.

If tactical lights aren’t your thing, they’re also offering the i03 EOS in red bundled with the Olight Perun Mini Kit DT (Desert Tan) headlamp / angle light. The Perun Mini is a positively tiny right angle light powered by a 16340 and can be used as a standard angle light, headlamp with the provided strap, or even attached to a ballcap with their unique velcro patch bracket. Sale price on the bundle will be $55.14 which is under the MAP of the Peron Mini Kit alone!

Olight made a bundle for you bikers out there too! The Olight RN1500 is Olight’s bicycle light that mounds to your handlebars (or even to a GoPro) and puts out 1500 lumens from a 21700 5000 mAh battery. For this flash sale, the RN1500 is bundled with the Cobranded Olight / Magicshine SEEME30 TL, a 30 lumen USB rechargeable red bike tail light that has an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust brightness and maximize battery life. The bundle will be 40% off: $58.14

And then of course the i3T E0S is on sale too (only the red version, they must really have a ton of these!), 25% off at $16.46.

There’s also MEGA PACKS (monster truck announcer voice). Two great EDC options, Option A is all 3 colors of the Warrior Mini, the Perun Mini Kit in DT and the red i03 EOS ($136 saving) or the tamer version, Option B which is just the black Warrior Mini, the Perun Mini Kit and the i03 ES (save $68). As a bonus, Mega Pack A also comes with a matching M1T Plus in Desert Tan so that’s a nice touch

Olight usually makes the flash sales pretty cool so depending how much you spend they’ll be offering some free products:

Over $99 get a FREE I3E  (MAP: $9.95)
Over $199 get a FREE M1T Plus DT (MAP: $59.95)
Over $299 get a FREE Seeker 2 (MAP: $109.95)

Sale ends at 11:59Pm on the 25th so don’t miss it. Items that aren’t on sale like the Seeker 2 Pro can Purchased at a discount with the code 10%OFF



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The Olight Flash Sale!


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