Olight’s Annual Elite Day Sale 2020 Details

Olight’s Annual Elite Day Sale starts tonight at 8PM EDT and runs until the 18th.

They do this sale every year and offer steep discounts sort of like the Olight version of Prime Day. This year they’ll be offering 45% off almost all new products and 20% off the rest of the stuff.


Olight is also doing sort of an astroturfing campaign by giving out a free i1R II Rechargeable Keychain Light (in a randomly selected color)if you share the info about their Elite Day Sale. Not a lot to ask for a free $20 flashlight


The exact scoop on the promotions are:


Baldr Mini will be 45% off until 8/14th

M2R Pro Gunmetal Grey(Limited Edition) will be 40% off until the 15th.

S1R Baton II Orange Limited Edition (my favorite) will be 40% off until the 16th

Warrior X Turbo will be 40% off until the end of the promotion (8/17, 11:59 PM EDT)



Olight also put together a MEGA PACK (in a monster-truck announcer voice) that’s 7 lights bundled together and discounted $205 off their MSRP:



  • Baldr Mini: High visibility green laser, 600-lumen white light and 130-meter throw
  • Warrior X Turbo: Tactical thrower, max 1,100 lumens and 1,000-meter throw
  • M2R Pro GR: Max 1,800-lumen output with a 300-meter beam distance
  • S1R II ORG: Max 1,000-lumen output and 145-meter throw
  • O-PEN 2: The combo of a ball point pen and 120 lumen flashlight
  • i5T PU: Tail switch pocket light, AA battery compatible with 300-lumen and 60-meter throw
  • i3T ODG: Tail switch pocket light, AAA battery compatible with 180-lumen and 60-meter throw

Then there’s going to be more free products depending how much you spend, as follows:

  1. Spend over $129 get a I3T OD Green
  2. Spend over $199 get a M1T Plus Desert Tan
  3. Spend over $299 get a Seeker 2
  4. Spend over $399 get a Warrior X
  5. Send over $599 get a Javelot Pro Black


Also, there’s some weird egg product egg placeholder on the site but I have no idea what’s up with that.

All in all, it’s a pretty intense promotion, I hope this article cleared up some of what’s going on and in an organized manner.

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