Olight updates the M2R: Olight M2R Pro Warrior

Olight had a hit with the M2R Warrior, which featured magnetic charging, a dual switch interface, and even a charge base.

They’ve updated that light.  Olight has squeeked out 300 more lumen (from 1500 to 1800), while keeping many of the features that users love.  Also updated is the throw – from just over 200m to a whopping 300m out of the new version.  This is the M2R Pro Warrior.

The M2R Pro Warrior retains the look of the original:

One difference on the Pro is that the light loses the reflector in favor of a TIR, with an officially undisclosed emitter.  Likely, however is that it’s a Cree XHP35 HI, which would help account for the massive increase in throw.

Another non-trivial difference in this light an the previous (and also what we’d call an improvement) is that the Pro utilizes a 21700 cell instead of an 18650 cell.  The 21700 is included, and likely proprietary.  And proprietary in a way we don’t love – it’s likely that non-Olight 21700 cells will not work in this light.  That necessitates on-board charging, which the Pro has, via a magnetic connection on the tailcap.

The charger is one that’s been used before, but it’s unclear if this is exactly what will work on other similar lights, or if it’s specific to the M2R Pro.

The tail switch has seen a major redesign, too.  There are now three legs for the light to stand on, which allows easy tail standing.

And note the crenelated bezel, too.  It’s much more aggressive than previous generations.

We’re excited to see some reviews begin to trickle out about this light!

Photo credit to: https://olightworld.com/olight-m2r-pro

The Olight M2R Pro Warrior can be purchased on amazon for $109.95.






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