Olight introduces blue version of the Seeker 2.

Olight has introduced a striking blue version of the Seeker 2.

The Seeker 2 is a 21700 powered light, with three emitters.

The emitters Olight has opted to use for the Seeker 2 Blue are Osram P9’s, and are cool white emitters.

Olight includes in the package a “customized 21700” cell.

The “customized” aspect likely means that a users will not be able to use their own 21700 in the Seeker 2 Blue, and also that the included cell will not be able to be charged outside of the Seeker 2 Blue.

This of course means the Seeker 2 Blue must have on-board charging, and it does.  There’s a magnetic contact on the tail.

The switch is a large silicone pad on the head of the light.

It’s easily usable with or without gloves.

The Olight Seeker 2 Blue is available for purchase now for $119.95.


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