Olight Halloween Flash Sale and all new Olantern, Warrior X Pro, i5T Ti, and OPen 2 CU

Wow, that’s a long title. Olight does a flash sale about once a month but this one is special because there’s four all new products being released!

Olight Camping Lantern OLantern

The Olantern was covered over here, no need to review the details again.

Olight Warrior X Pro RGB Limited Edition

The Olight Warrior X Pro was updated and now features a new (unspecified ) LED, 3m drop resistance and is IPX8 (basically, it’s waterproof). The other specs include:

  1. 2,100 lumens
  2. 500 meter throw
  3. Up to 8 hours of runtime
  4. Maximum 8 hours of runtime

Besides for being introduced in three new colors: red, green and blue, the new Warrior X Pro is a big deal because it features a Neutral White LED. Olight rarely opts for NW LEDs so this is a welcome change.

The Flash Sale promotion for the Olight Warrior X Pro is 30% off the MAP of $129.95, bringing the promotional price to 90.97

Olight i5T EOS Ti Limited Edition

Olight i5T EOS Ti Limited Edition

Now introduced as a limited edition in Titanium, the Olight i5T EOS is one of Olight’s most popular lights. Powered by an AA or AA rechargeable battery (14500 batteries are not compatible), the Olight i5T EOS Ti puts out 300 lumens over 60 meters and has a maximum run time of 20 hours on the lowest setting.

Promotional discount on the Olight i5T EOS Ti is 25% off, bringing the price down to $37.46. Act fast, these will sell out quick!

Olight Pen OPen 2 CU Limited Edition

The Olight Pen OPen 2 was introduced in a flash sale we covered here. We also covered in our Phreaky Briefing a bit of a fiasco with the pen that involved the pens spontaneously leaking. Olight claims to have resolved the issue and reintroduced the pen with a new cartridge, now in a copper limited edition.

Olight Pen Open 2 CU Limited Edition

The Olight OPen2 is a USB rechargeable Pen Light. Literally so, as it has a light and a pen. Featuring four brightness levels all the way up to 120 lumens, and a bolt actuated pen which also includes a spare ink cartridge.

Priced at $64.95, the Flash Sale Promotion brings the Olight OPen 2 CU price down to $48.71


In addition to the individual promotions, Olight is offering bundle discounts:

Mega Pack

Olight is also offering a “MEGA PACK” featuring the OLantern, Warrior X Pro, i5T EOS Ti, OPen 2 CU and the i3T EOS in ODG for only $208.05 (40% off)

Olight Flashsale Mega Pack


Aside from all the discounts there are freebies based on how much you spend. Quick rundown:

  • Over $99 get a FREE I3E EOS  (MAP: $9.95)
  • Over $199 get a FREE M1T Plus DT (MAP: $59.95)
  • Over $359 get a FREE Warrior X (MAP: $129.95)
  • Note: Free tier gift can’t be stacked.

Promotion Starts at 8PM EDT on 10/22 and lasts for 28 hours until 10/23 at 1159PM

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