Olight’s First Camping Lantern Is Announced!

Olight Camping Lantern OLantern
Olight Camping Lantern Olantern in Red, Grey and green

The Olight Camping Lantern has been considered vaporware for quite a while. Often asked about in their weekly live chats and always with the response “still in development”. A little while a ago I was contacted by Olight about their OLantern but then they had some production delays, I’m excited to finally be able to talk about it!

The OLantern is released in three different colors and features a carrying handle, integrated magnetic charging and swappable lighting modules. The swappable modules allow you to go from a 3 mode white led lantern to a single mode flickering warm candlelit experience. You can even run it without the top half so it really looks like a candle instead of a lantern.

Olight Camping Lantern OLantern white led module and candle led module

Here’s a quick rundown on the lantern specs:

  • Output and Runtime: The white module has 3 modes; 30 lumens/75 hours, 120 lumens /20 hours and 360 lumens for 6.5 hours
  • The flickering candle module is 1 lumen and will run for 80 hours
  • Ingress Protection is IPX4 which means that it’s rated for water splashes from any direction but there has been no testing done with regards to intrusion protection like dust. There is a nice fat O-ring sealing the clear polycarbonate shell
  • The camping lantern is powered by 18500 batteries but that doesn’t really matter as they are integrated and not user replaceable. Charging is done with the Olight MCC3 magnetic charger through the base.

Where to cop the OLantern:

Like the Warrior Mini and other product launches from Olight, the OLantern will be launched and immediately be featured in a flash sale on October 22 11:59 pm EDT, the flash sale promotion will run for 28 hours. The VIP club will get early access on 10/20. There will be some other products available including an all new OPen 2 in copper, I made a separate post with the details.

Olight Pen OPen 2 CU in Copper

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