Nitecore’s new Die-Cast 18650 Tactical Flashlight has been released

Nitecore has released the P18, a die-cast aluminum tactical light, with dual switches, two color emitters, and such an interesting design it’s impossible not to take a second look!

Utilizing a single 18650, the size and shape are perfect for gloved hands, and the dual switches always allow easy access.

The P18 uses a Cree XHP35 HD, blasting out 1800 lumens, and has a simple, Nitecore-standard UI, which is uncomplicated, easy to learn, and quick to use.

The auxiliary red light is single-mode, and “can protect the night vision effectively.”

The strobe is truly tactical, too – it features a rarely seen disorienting strobe which isn’t a consistent frequency!  This is an often-requested feature, and great to see it implemented on this light.

At this time there are no weapon mounts for this light, so it’ll make a great addition in-hand to the weapon of your choice.  Alternately, use it for the lower modes, and red light, with long runtimes.  The shape of the light, along with the great (and removable) pocket clip, would make this a great everyday carry light as well!

The Nitecore P18 is available from, and the base package includes a very high quality Nitecore cell.

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