Nitecore updates the MH12 to the MH12S

Nitecore MH12S

The Nitecore MH12 was an 18650 powered tactical light with USB charging, 1000 lumens and 232m throw. It is now discontinued, to be replaced with the Nitecore MH12S

The update is centered around the battery, moving from the 18650 up to the increasingly popular 21700 sized battery. The LED is also updated, out with the CREE XM-L2 and in with the more modern Luminus SST-40. The bigger battery and more efficient LED choice brings an output increase up to 1800 lumens, more throw (294m), much more runtime (1500 hours on “ultra-low”) and also a wider variety of battery choices:

Nitecore MH12S Technical Data and Specifications
  • 1 x 21700 (included)
  • 1×18650
  • 2 x CR123 (with the included “battery magazine”)
  • 2 x 16340 (with the included “battery magazine”)
  • Based on the specs, it should also work with 2 x 18350 but it’s not called out on the spec sheets. Proceed at your own risk.

Nitecore says to use High Discharge cells only and if it’s like all other Nitecore flashlights, flat top batteries are incompatible.

Like the Nitecore P20UV 2, the Nitecore MH12S is dual switch and features multiple mode groups. Although, instead of having both switches in the tail, the MH12S features a metal side switch.

Nitecore MH12S User Modes

The Nitecore MH12S also upgrades the charging system to USB-C and a big bump up in ingress protection, from the IPX8 of the MH12 to IP68 on the MH12S. It is also compatible with the Nitecore tactical accessories ecosystem, including the NTR10 clip on ring, rifle mounts and remote switches. See image below for specific compatible parts. The Nitecore NTH10 tactical holster is included with the light.

Tactically accessories compatible with the MH12S

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