Nitecore Releases CI7, a 2500 Lumen Quad Emitter Dual Output Light.

Nitecore has released a new 18650 light, with an interesting feature set.  The CI7 is capable of 2500 lumens with its quad Cree XP-G3 emitters.

2500 lumen output isn’t all the CI7 has up its sleeve, though.

The CI7 can be twisted to reveal IR (940nm) emitters!

Here’s a bit more on the IR:

The claim is 7000mW worth of IR, which is useful in tactical situations (night vision).  IR is provided by four SST-10-IR LEDs, and is available in three output levels.

Switching between the two outputs is simple.  Pull the head out a bit, twist it one way or the other, and push it back down over the other set of emitters.

This LEP light shared an interface with many other tactical lights.  Dual tail switch.  One of these is even a paddle switch, with easy access to strobe.

This is what we’d expect, and want, out of a tactical light.

The CI7 is available for preorder at for the price of $129.00.

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