Nitecore NBP1 Waterproof Powerbank

Intended as the power source to be used with the Nitecore HU60 USB powered headlamp, the new Nitecore NBP1 is the world’s first IP68 rated waterproof powerbank designed for rough and tumble environments

Featuring a 5,000 mAh capacity via a 21700 Li-Ion cell, the NBP1 has the usual Micro USB and USB A with QC3.0 and max output of 18.0W. There’s also a cool capacitive touch sensitive display and features some sort of “metal cable lock” designed for compatibility with the HU60 USB cable.

The durability is accomplished through their supposedly fire retardant polycarbonate materials, O Ring seals and “glue pouring” which we can only imagine means potted electronics. We aren’t aware of other fully potted powerbanks so if that’s an accurate assessment, this is exciting news.

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