New Nitecore P20UV V2 – 1000 lumens and 4 x UV LEDs

The original Nitecore P20 UV has received an upgrade!

Nitecore P20UV V2 tactical flashlight

The upgraded Nitecore P20UV V2 features a claimed 1000 lumens out of a CREE XP-L2, 4 x UV LEDs. Specs are increased slightly from the V1 which used an XM-L2 for 800 lumens but the main difference is the new 2nd gen “Strobe Ready” tailswitch.

Nitecore P20UV V2 Strobe Ready switch

The Strobe Ready tail switch is Nitecore’s take on a tactical interface, using a second button in the tail to allow you instant access to strobe from any mode. The P20UV V2 features the second generation of the Strobe Ready tailswitch, which recessed the strobe button to prevent accidental activation. No one wants a light prone to premature strobing. There’s also a battery charge level indicator in the tailswitch so that’s a nice touch.

Nitecore is selling this as a tactical light, like the original version it actually 3 distinct mode groups on the P20UV V2. Tactical, Law Enforcement and Daily Mode (previously called General Use).

Nitecore P20UV V2 User Interface

The light can be powered either by 1 x 18650 battery, or 2 x CR123 batteries. 16340 batteries can be swapped in place of CR123 but you do need to use the included spacer (they call it a CR123 battery magazine because that sounds more tactical). Like almost all Nitecore’s only 18650 button tops will work, flat top 18650 cells are incompatible due to their physical reverse polarity protection.

Nitecore P20UV V2 battery choices

Quick rundown on specs for the Nitecore P20UV V2:

  • 1000 lumens max
  • 164m throw (6,700 cd)
  • Ultraviolet is 320nm
  • IP68 – rated for 1 meter impact resistance and 2m water resistance
  • 1 x button top 18650 or 2 x CR123/16340 with included spacer

It’s also compatible with their tactical ecosystem

Nitecore tactical flashlight accessories

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