MechForce Tactical Suppressor Lights begins reaching users

MechForce, maker of the extremely popular MechTorch and MechTorch Turbo 18350 triples, has released a 21700 light that follows in the MechTorch footsteps.

The light is called the Tactical Suppressor Light, and is available as a “Light” model, and as a “Turbo” model, just like the Mechtorch. 

Not immediately evident from that stock photo is that the light utilizes a 21700 cell for power.  That makes it a larger light, but with the added capacity of a 21700 (the included 21700 is 5000mAh), larger mass, and h17f driver, this light should be a great choice.

The Tactical Suppressor light is a triple:

using three Nichia Natural White 219CT LEDs on a copper PCB.  The optic is a Carclo 10507, which is their narrower beam optic.  Also included is a high quality glow gasket, like what’s (and raved about) in the MechTorch.

Ultimately this is a tube light, but in a format we haven’t seen all that much yet.  There’s a mechanical switch, with MechForce’s signature customized into the rubber.

MechForce continues their quality packaging with this Tactical Suppressor light, with the cell included, boxed, and having a specific place in the foam.

The h17f driver is pre-programmed for three modes, which give the light it’s namesake.  Immediately accessible are Low, High, and Strobe.  Being a h17f, however, the light could be reprogrammed in any number of ways.  There aren’t any weapon mounts for the Tactical Suppressor light (yet?) but inside both ends have springs.  The tail spring is beefy, and the head spring is more of a “q-lite” spring.

The MechForce Tactical Suppressor light may be purchased here and is ready and shipping.

Photos courtesy of MechForce.

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