MecArmy Auctions Timascus and Zirconium PS16 EDC Flashlight

First of all, you’ve missed the auction.  Both these lights already sold!  In one (probably both) cases, you missed a deal.  So let’s run down these lights, and support MecArmy for making them!

MecArmy has made two special editions of their PS16.  The (standard) PS16 is a quad XP-G3 emitter single 16340 or 18350 cell pocket light, in a long line of high-output multi-emitter lights from MecArmy.  These special editions are no different except in body material.

First there’s a zirconium version. 

This absolutely stunning light still has all the features of the stock PS16, while being made zirconium with an oil-slick-like finish, and boasting a titanium pocket clip.  The oil slick is accentuated by a pineapple pattern on the cell tube.

The zirconium PS16 boasts a zirconium clicky too.  A metal cover on the tailswitch is somewhat unusual, as most manufacturers opt for a rubber cover.  The standard PS16 has a stainless cover.

So this version having a zirc switch is truly exceptional.

The winning bid on the zirc copy of the PS16 was $550, and we consider that an astounding deal.  We’ve yet to see pics from the winner, but hope to see this one all over the place!  We love to look at it!

Next up is the even-more-exotic TiDamascus PS16.  It’s the same light as above, and again, the same as the stock PS16 except for body material.

This PS16 also has a titanium clip, but the body is “GeekTi”, or TiDamascus, or even more familiar: timascus.  Timascus is a trademarked name, so the material MecArmy used is likely the same.  Either way the light is gorgeous.

And to top it all off, the switch cover maintains the finish from the body!

In both cases above, the light uses four Cree XP-G3 emitters, with a TIR optic.

We’re very pleased that 18350 cells fit this series, too!

The GeekTi PS16 looks great in pocket dumps, of course.

The GeekTi bidding has also ended, and the light reportedly sold for $1100.

There are some “standard” options in this line of PS16’s too.  Even special finishes (stars and stripes, and aged).

While bidding for these special lights is over, it does seem that MecArmy is at least teasing these for sale elsewhere.  Possibly MecArmy used the bidding to help set the prices….

The Zirconium is available on for $599.

The GeekTi is available on for $1289.

And the more standard options, seen below, are available for much lower prices.  Ranging from $89 to $268.

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