Manker to offer a new LED keychain flashlight, the ML03

manker ml03 led keychain flashlight

Manker, maker of popular items like the E14 series, and most recently the “Muscle Combo” of the MC13 Flat White emitter and E14 III, has been teasing the ML03.

The ML03 is a dual emitter LED keychain sized flashlight. There’s a nice deep carry pocket clip, and the ML03 is fairly flat.

It’s unclear thus far if the ML03 will have user interchangeable batteries or have a built in battery. We can hope it’s AAA or 2xAAA.

The ML03 will have an indicating e-switch, as has been common with Manker lights. Manker was one of the earliest makers to use fun featured switches, including a “breathing” mode. We will see if that’s offered here, but the switch at least has those same characteristics.

Unlike many keychain style lights of this size, the ML03 will offer a magnetic tailcap.

We excitedly await more details and a release date on the Manker ML03!

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