Lux-RC FJ33 soon to be available for purchase

Lux-RC, maker of the 371d driver, has announced an “upgrade” to their popular FL33.  The new light will be named the FJ33, and feature an all new driver.

Specs aren’t fully released yet, but here’s a bit of what we know:

  • Initial availability will be 40 units
  • Claimed output is 5000 lumens at 15A from a single 18350
  • The new bi-channel driver with individual “narrow beam” and “flood” channels.
  • Programmable flood-vs-throw beam pattern
  • New lightweight titanium body (PVD coated) with sandblasted hard anodized aluminium heat sink (finned section)
  • Four auxiliary low-power LEDs: deep red, green, royal blue and UV
  • Light and motion sensing
  • Fully programmable UI with NXS visual programming

The body looks to be the same as the FL33, which may not be seen all that often, but practically iconic in it’s uniqueness.

Lux-RC has qualifications building unique drivers.  The driver in the FL33 is the 371d, which is used by TorchLAB in the BOSS lights.  That’s a triple, with optical programming.  The FJ33 will keep the optical programming, and while it looks to have three “main” emitters, will not be a triple in the traditional sense.

We don’t know yet exactly how the main three emitters will work – that is, what the “Adjustable focus plane” means, and what the Hex screws will do.

From this photo though, it does look like the secondary emitter option will still be available and there will be more:  Red, Green, Blue, and UV.  And UV!!  That’s a nice addition.

Pricing has not been disclosed.  Based on FL33 pricing, we can expect the FJ33 to be well north of $1,000 USD.

Photos and information from the Lux-RC Facebook Group.

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