Lumintop FW3 Series Update! Custom switches by Steve Ku

The Lumintop FW3A has been massively popular.  There’s now the FW3C (C for copper), and likely a FW3T on the way (T for titanium).  Thus we’ll call it the FW3x light – where x is any metal body.

These lights have hit the enthusiast market by storm.  So much so that makers are taking notice.

Steve Ku, of Veleno Designs fabled maker of the 40DD, Quantum DD, Avant, and Dogbone among other things….

(Photo from CPF.)

Steve has taken interest in the FW3x.  The most blank canvas of the light is the switch, and artist+FW3x equals the following:

There’s a 7 tritium version (above).  A three tritium version (below).

And even an alternate orientation triple tritium version:

These switches are straight swaps for the stock.  Just unscrew the tailcap, and drop them in.  A very easy mod.

The mod does add a bit of stack to the switch height, though.

(That image shows the stack height added, not that there’s a magnet in the switch – these are not magnetic).

The switch covers are titanium.  The price has been set at $30 + $5 shipping, and the number of tritium slots chosen does not affect the price.  Steve is offering tritium vials, but is not offering tritium installation.

These can be purchased directly from Steve Ku on facebook:

Pictures from Facebook.

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