Lumintop announces the single cell version of the popular IYP365, the IYP07.


Lumintop has announced a single cell version of their very popular IYP365.  This is the IYP07, a single cell AAA light with an e-switch on the tail.  This format will be a useful pocket light for everyday carry backup, or as a nice ‘gentleman’s carry’ for dressier events.  It’s even available in three colors: Black, Silver, and Pink.

Two emitter options will also be available:  Cree XP-G3 and Nichia 219 High CRI.

As shown, the High CRI will be a nice option for users in the medical field.  The XP-G3 will be a nice option for users who value total lumen output.  (The Nichia option takes a massive hit on output, clocking in at 80 lumens, while the Cree option has a max of 130 lumens.)

Lumintop sticks with aluminum for the body of this light, and has yet to announce brass or titanium, which were both options for the IYP365.  We will keep you updated on this, as we’re strong supporters of special metals!

The light supports primary cells and also rechargeable NiMH cells, but not 10440 lithium ion cells.  The interface is a tail switch.  It’s an e-switch, which has lately been popularized by lights like the FW3A, which is one of the more popular modern lights with an e-switch in the tail.  That light is also manufactured by Lumintop, though it took heavy (and primary) development by

The IYP365 is still a worthy contender if a 2-up AAA light is what you need.  Buy it here, or view the official page here.


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