LM Toolworks x PhotonX Lights Grand Tala Arabesque

The Tala  is a flashlight collaboration between Leo of LM Toolworks  and Simon of PhotonX Lights. An uncommon concept, the Tala features a dual beam pattern, made possible with center LED for throw and a ring of 8 LEDs for flood light. 

This Grand Tala Arabesque celebrates the launch of the Tala Torch line to the public with a one-off unique creation completely hand made and engraved by Leo Maquinana. Decorated on all surfaces by Leo and inspired by the damascening art technique of inlaying gold and silver, his talent is displayed exceptionally well on this flashlight.  

The Details

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The end of the tail starts off with graceful scrollwork, before moving on to two bands of .99 fine silver overlaid with an intricate pattern of intricate barbed floral quatrefoil pattern. The tail meets the body of the flashlight with a series of pointed arches, an architectural element made popular in 8th century Middle Eastern buildings.

The theme is continued to the body of the flashlight, the battery tube. Echoing the floral pattern on the tail and inspired by the ornate Mashrabiya carved latticework of traditional Arab architecture, the body prominently displays 34 carved  flowers, each topped with a .99 fine silver bead. Arguably the most challenging  aspect of  the Arabesque Grand Tala, Leo put considerable time in to planning this pattern out so it wraps around the body seamlessly. 

On the signed head is a series of closely spaced teardrops, reminiscent of the pointed arches in the tail. These teardrops serve more than just appearances, both by reducing the weight of the flashlight and also acting as cooling fins by increasing the surface area directly over the light engine ( LED and driver). 

The head features the artists signature, as well as the text “Grand Tala” subtly  engraved but not darkened.  

Crowning the head are three vaguely fleur de-lis shaped floral scrollworks alternated with a more simple lattice pattern flowing into crenelated bezel. 

What makes it a Tala?

Looking at the flashlight head on make the uniqueness of Tala design obvious, where you can see the neutral white XPL-HI 5000k sitting at the base of the 20mm McR20 reflector. The reflector has a soft orange peel finish to smooth the beam out, and surrounding the reflector are 8 High CRI E17A LED in a warm white 4000k CCT. Capping the torch is the finishing touch of a craftsman, an engraved ring with scrollwork so fine that each leaf is approximately the size of a grain of rice. 

Leo affectionately described this as his most intricate work yet, made possible only by working into the late hours of the night for over a month. The Grand Tala will come packaged inside a Capiz shell box handmade made by a Philippine craftsman and decorated with a Philippine Jeepney, a widespread symbol of Philippine culture and art.  

Technical specifications:

  • Medium (materials): Brass and .99 fine silver
  • Driver: CWF Customs Dragon Driver
  • LEDs: 1 x Cree XPL-HI 5000k, 8 x Nichia E17A 4000k High CRI
  • Lens: Glass with Anti Reflection coating 
  • Battery: unprotected 18650 (not included due to international shipping regulations)
  • Switch: McClicky mechanical switch 
  • Switch Cover: Prometheus Lights Ghost Glow

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