Just announced Copper Lumintop FW3A!

Lumintop has announced plans to produce a copper version of their very popular FW3A.

This light follows the trend of the aluminum version before it, being an 18650 light, with an e-switch on the tail.

The aluminum FW3A, initially offered at a price of around $35, hit very hard – these lights are in so many hands, and have risen to the top of many recommendation lists.  Being such a small host for an 18650 cell, having an e-switch on the tail, and offering the incredible Andúril by ToyKeeper, this light packs a punch (a large part of that punch being the FET+1 for Turbo!).

While the aluminum version has seen some availability with Luminus SST20 (4000K), in addition to Cree XP-L HI and Nichia 219c, the copper version looks to have initial offerings of only XP-L HI and 219c.  It’s likely that this will expand as production ramps up.

It’s unclear yet if the copper will be bare, uncoated copper, or coated copper that will require some work for patina.  But what we do know is that copper will move the heat from the emitters very efficiently, and is a great choice for the FW3A!  Below is a rendering of what the light could look like with some patina:

There is a possibility the light will see even more development, with photos teasing both brass and titanium.

The copper FW3A is released at a price of $70.  They are available for purchase at NealsGadgets, and the coupon NDFW3C will take the price down to under $60, but likely not shipping until July.

Initial photo courtesy of NealsGadgets.  Patina photo unattributed.

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