JETBeam now selling the Jet-IIIMR, a dual switch tactical 21700 light.

JETBeam is now selling a dual switch, tactical 21700 light.  This light is named the JET-IIIMR:

The JET-IIIMR will have a Cree XHP35 emitter (looks like the HD version).

The package includes a 5100mAh 21700 cell, but the light will also work properly with 20700 and 18650 cells.

As many tactical lights do, the JET-IIIMR has daul switches.  The tail switch is a mechanical clicky, and the side switch is an e-switch.  The tail switch has good access for use with gloves (but this likely also prevents tailstanding.)

The e-switch even has an indicator underneath (glow is to the side of the switch, which looks to have a metal cover).  That’s not something you see too often in this type tactical light.

Also built in is on-board charging.  There’s a port on the head, which accepts USB-C!

The claimed output is 2000 lumens, which is completely reasonable for an XHP35, but it remains to be seen how efficient JETBeam’s boost circuit for running this emitter with a single Li-ion cell is.

Included (as should be for a tactical light) are a pouch and a pocket/belt clip.

This is an interesting, feature rich, light by JETBeam.  Given JETBeam’s history, this should reasonably be a good light, and we look forward to further testing on it.

This light is available now from $89.95.

Photos credit to: JETBeam Light

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