Imalent Releases the RT90 Flashlight

Imalent flashlight company, maker of popular (and famous!) extremely high output lights, have introduced the Imalent RT90 rechargeable flashlight.

imalent rt90 luminus sbt90.2 can light
Imalent RT90 Flashlight

The RT90 follows a long tradition of Imalent wall-of-light lights – the DX80 was a massive hit, and was recently featured in an commercial!

imalent rt90 luminus sbt90.2 can light size
Flashlight Size comparison

The RT90 is another can style light by Imalent, but is special in an important way. The emitter used here is a Luminus SBT-90.2!

imalent rt90 luminus sbt90.2 can light emitter information
Flashlight Emitter information – Luminus SBT-90.2

The SBT-90.2 is an emitter used as a nice but extreme mix between output and throw – it both throws very well, and has very high output!

Imalent is claiming 4800 lumens out of this light, which is a very reasonable claim. They also make the claim that this light reaches out over 1300m!

Here are some more specifications:

imalent rt90 luminus sbt90.2 can light runtimes
Imalent RT90 Flashlight Runtime and output chart

Not unlike other recent Imalent lights, the RT90 will feature on-board proprietary magnetic charging.

imalent rt90 luminus sbt90.2 can light charging

This charging has proven viable for the other Imalent lights, and looks to be exactly the same type for others like the MS06, LD70, DM21C, LD10, and likely others.

The RT90 is controlled by a single side e-switch. Power is provided by a battery pack, which is four 18500 cells. It is unclear at this time if these cells are changeable, or if only the battery pack is replaceable.

imalent rt90 luminus sbt90.2 can light user interface
User Interface

Here are a few more product shots with some additional information.

The Imalent RT90 is available on Amazon

More info here. Pics also from Imalent.

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