Imalent now selling their massive output MS18/R90TS Kit!

It’s been a few months since Imalent announced the MS18 and R90TS.  These two lights are complimentary – one’s a massive wall of light (the 100,000 lumen MS18), and one has fewer lumens but reaches out into the night a little farther (the 1750m R90TS).

The MS18 is the wall of light:

The R90TS is the thrower:

Both of these lights do the other’s job fairly well though – the thrower (R90TS) also puts out a massive 36,000 lumens, which bests the former “most impressive” output of 32,000 lumens.  The wall of light (MS18) still throws 1350m, which puts it above most other handheld throwers, too.

So both of these lights are basically “best in class.”

Why would you need both?  Because Imalent makes it easy, and offers a kit.  This gets both heads at a significant discount, because you get only one body.

Speaking of the body, it’s made of eight (8) 21700 cells.  Yes eight 21700 cells.  The weight won’t be trivial, nor is a 21700’s capability to output high current.  These cells will be able to feed the Cree XHP70.2 (MS18) and Cree XHP35 HI (R90TS) with the power they need for these huge numbers.  They are built in cells, however, and because of this the light will have Imalent’s great on-board charging, with a 24V/2A barrel connector:

Outputs like these will also see lots of heat too.  Imalent deals with that in an interesting not-quite-novel-way – built in fans.  Both of these heads have them – here’s the MS18’s:

Early reports on these lights indicate that the fans can continue to run once the light is off, which will likely be a good feature.

What do you think about these lights?  Let us know in the comments!

Though announced a while back, they’re just available for purchase now.  You may purchase yours at NealsGadgets, among other places.

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