Imalent announces DM35 and DM70, two new 21700 lights.

Imalent, maker of some popular fun lights (DX80, and the newer MS18/R90TS kit announced here), has announced the new DM35 and DM70 lights.

Details are sparse at this point, but we know a few things.

First, we know how they’ll look:

Secondly, we know that the names are derived from the emitters:  The DM35 will have an Cree XHP35.  The DM70, will have a Cree XHP70.  Not stated is if the 70 will be a 70 or the newer 70.2.  The XHP70.2 is seeing wider use and almost certainly will be in the DM70.

Another thing we know is that there will be a “shorty” version – this is a truly unique option, since the full size body holds a 21700 cell.  This means the half size body will use a “22450” cell.  Now here at photonphreaks, we’re not sure what a 22450 li-ion cell is, but unless one is included it’s unlikely to see much use.

The final thing we know about this light is that the button is unusual:

Imalent is fairly well known for their unusual switches, including a capacitive switch (DN12).  So it’s possible there’s more magic to this button than meets the eye, but we will know later this summer!

Photos from’s facebook page.

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