Focus Works Eryx Updated with Entry Level model – The Eryx Echo

Focus Works EDC has released their recently announced update to the Eryx F1.  The Eryx F1 was a fantastic and unusual entry into the custom light world with the Dragonskin battery barrel.  Also unusual was that despite living in a sea of custom triples, the Eryx F1 is a single emitter light with a reflector!  (Triple options were added later).

But Jordy didn’t stop there.  The Eryx F1 could be seen as an “all special-metal” flashlight (titanium, brass, copper).  So Focus Works got to work on an aluminum version, first seen on Jordy’s FaceBook live video:

From the video, we knew a few things.  It’s all aluminum.  The build is just like the Eryx F1, which includes a forward clicky mechanical switch.  The price target is much lower than the Eryx F1.  All of these are great things!

Jordy Wallace says the Eryx Echo is

Designed from the beginning to be an entry level custom flashlight

And at this price point, it’s just that.  It’s a great entry level custom flashlight.  Jordy goes on to describe the Eryx Echo further:

the Echo is an 18350 powered light featuring a Qlite driver, 5000k single emitter with reflector, sapphire lens and a titanium pocket clip

The Eryx F1 already features a very detailed pocket clip, with a heavily patterned (though not “Dragon Skin”) finish, and unusual shape.  But Focus Works leaves the door open because the

hole spacing … is compatible with the popular after market pocket clips.

But what about one of the most recognizable features of the Eryx F1?  The Eryx Echo doesn’t lose that –

It has a stripe of Dragon Skin texture wrapping around it for grip and to let it into the elite Eryx club.

Our first look at a finished Echo can be seen below:

The whole light is anodized, with a black body and head, and a blue pill.  Of course the pill, head, and body are interchangeable among Echos, so any combination can be fitted.  (It’s unclear, but very likely that the Echo parts will fit the F1.)  Our second look saw the counterpart of the light above:

Black with blue, and blue with black.  (Both lights are in-process here, and partially disassembled.  The predominately blue light is more partially disassembled.)  It’s likely that we’ll see other colors too, including red.

Our final view of the Eryx Echo (which summarizes the four photos and text we’ve seen), includes four color combos, and a shot of the clip.  The clip is a scaled down version of the heavily patterned F1 clip, and still very functional.

The Focus Works EDC Eryx Echo will be available from the Focus Works in the near future.

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